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"Feeling Good" in Austin

Yeah, he was slick. We enjoyed the MB concert last night, per Heidi's and Julie's twitterpated recommendations.
Michael Bublé has quite the image built up, he's a charmer, Mister Rico Suave himself. Prior to the concert, we met up with Chris and Conni and rode together downtown and enjoyed a lovely dinner at Thai Passion.
Here's gorgeous Conni trying to hold hands with Michael, but he turned away to look at me. (As if! I really dislike having my photo taken with Conni. She ALWAYS looks a gazillion times better.) I was actually standing on the other side of MB.
He kind of irked me with some of his foul language and commentary. Why can't he just sing, look fantastic and not feel like he needs to provide "bonus" material? I still liked his wit.
I video recorded some of "Feeling Good," but for the life of me, cannot figure out how to upload it in the current format. So I added a YouTube clip instead. Sorry I couldn't post a live from Austin clip.

Pool design by Dub

We're looking at pool designs for our home and I just got the second company's idea tonight and I'm absolutely crazy about it. I thought I LOVED the first design, as I had not looked at anything else. But now I am smitten with this plan, and like it MUCH better, by a mile. Now I'm crossing my fingers that the pricing is comparable to the first. Wish us luck. How do YOU like this pool and spa design? We have an odd sized lot and I love the deck and awesome trees in our backyard, so I couldn't visualize any good possibilities and am so thankful for Dub's talent. He did awesome in my book. I just want to note that in these sketches that the exterior of our house (windows, siding, color) in Dub's pool design do not look like our casa whatsoever. The SHAPE of the house is accurate, but that's about it. Our home is red brick and in my humble opinion, is much more lovely, especially the windows he has on this sketch of our humble abode areso lame.

Big Daddy Ribs at County Line

Tonight we crashed Kelly's work dinner meeting at The County Line where he and coworkers were hosting guests from Taiwan, his new corporate office. Since Christopher has been begging me to take him there to his favorite restaurant, the three of us, the kids and I, went to eat some good Texas barbecue too. I asked Kelly if he wanted to pretend like he doesn't know us or if minds if we could go up to their table and say hi. He said we could greet them. How nice. It was kind of awkward, but we were happy to see Kelly briefly. He made me feel better, not so out of place, when Kelly later came over to our table to check on us in return. What a kind husband and dad. Then he went back to business.

Christopher usually orders a kid's meal with one beef rib, but tonight he was pleading for the Big Daddy rib plate. I told him no, but then caved in, just because I knew the uneaten barbecued ribs could be taken home for later enjoyment by none other than Big Daddy. Part of the fun of o…

$1,000 in his pocket

Yay, Kelly! My husband is at a conference in San Jose and he just called me to tell me that he was voted by the attendees as the best overall paper presented....again! The conference organizers handed him a check for $1,000 to honor him, and he plans to spend it on something fun. I'm really excited for Kelly and very proud of his hard work and excellence in his field. The topic has nineteen words in the title and its content is completely foreign to me, otherwise, I'd tell you about it. I'm just really proud of my smart, talented husband and wanted to brag about him.

Baby shower for Kellie

Tonight I hosted a baby shower for a new friend, Kellie, who moved here a few months ago with her husband and daughter, that I met through our church. They're expecting their first son so we all celebrated with her. I had my favorite local florist, Lakeline Florist, put together this arrangement for a centerpiece. Earlier today while I was getting the tables set up, I babysat cute little Scotty, while his mom, Sherrie, my friend and neighbor, played tennis. He's such a sweetheart. He actually likes getting his picture taken.
Everyone on the evite asked "What can I bring?" for the shower, so I decided to take them up on it, and came up with a menu of Hawaiian Haystacks for tonight. Easy. Everyone told me in their reply what they would bring to build our edible masterpieces. RuthAnn was telling me as we were socializing in the kitchen after the shower had begun, what a good idea this was because everyone will show up that said they would. I agreed. Then we realized that…

It's Valentine's Day!

We met Sue and Rick for dinner tonight. First we took the kids to their house to grandma sit for them, then we went from there to Truluck's. Aren't they the cutest couple? Dinner was outstanding. I had lobster, Kelly had stone crab, among other things, and ended the meal with a chocolate bag for dessert. It was a beautiful evening and surprisingly, our first night out on the town with Sue and Rick. We really should do this more often!
We ran into Dave and Cheryl there too. They were just finishing their meal when we arrived for our 7:45 reservations.
Our waiter, Antonio, served us well and asked for us to request him the next time we go there. I would. He did great. Here he is posing with the dessert tray.
For those who are curious how today went for our kids, let me fill you in. Lindsey was showered with love by many. One boy gave her a box of Godiva chocolates, another guy gave her a beautiful rose with greenery and baby's breath, another guy gave her a hug, an…

After school table talk

Christopher: Smrithi has been really nice to me lately.

Mom: Maybe she likes you.
Christopher: You mean "like me" like me?
Mom: Yes.
Christopher: I've never heard of a Negro and a white person together.
Mom: She's not black, she's from India.
Christopher: What's the difference since her skin is black?
Mom: It's where she's from. It doesn't matter what color her skin is anyway. What matters is how she is on the inside, as a person.
Christopher: Smrithi wants me to make her a bird (origami).


Christopher: Mom, can you take me to Smrithi's house to drop off this bird?
Mom: Sure, do you want to take her a donut too?
Christopher: Okay.

(Under the cake platter dome, are an assortment of Krispy Kreme Valentine's donuts that I had just bought for the family for a surprise. I'm wondering if he'll choose one of the heart shaped ones. He does.)

Christopher: Do we have any pretty plates that she can keep that I can take it on? I don't want to…

Movie night: We Are Marshall

When Kelly came home not feeling too well last night, he wanted to just watch television or a movie, so we still had our stash of four Netflix titles that were all names of people: Evan, Marshall, Emma, or Ray. So Kelly picked Marshall and we enjoyed it. Since I've been doing these mini reviews, I've liked everything I've seen. I'm not usually as lucky, so I hope my winning streak continues.

The nice surprise of We Are Marshall, even though I had seen it a long while back in previews, was the bonus of Matthew Fox, who plays Jack on Lost. He is such a charming gentleman, and paired with Matthew McConoughy, the movie was easy on the eyes. Except for the fact that they dorked up Matthew M.'s appearance to fit the era, early seventies plaid leisure suits and a combover do. Both Matthews played their usual endearing selves and were believable in their roles as football coaches for the team from Marshall University that tragically died in a plane crash in the late …

Caberet 2008

Lindsey's high school choir performed in their annual Cabaret performance with songs from Broadway hits. She was very busy last week with practices and performances and did a really nice job. She's the petite singer on the front row, bottom right.

Movie night: Evan Almighty

My sister, Tracy, told me a few months ago that Evan Almighty was a good movie, plus I've heard that from a few others, so we watched it last night and both agreed. Typically if I sense any form of sacrilegious tones, I will not watch it, but this movie was not like that. It was similar to Noah and the ark storyline, set in current times with an overall positive message and a bit of make-believe sprinkled in for entertainment. There were a couple of unnecessary scenes of crudeness (the dog biting crotch, the personal grooming obsessiveness), but generally I had no other complaints. Kelly and I both liked this light-hearted movie and recommend it with a 4 rating on a scale of 1 to 5.

48 hours in Denver

Kelly and I flew to Denver while Christopher stayed home for the weekend with his friends Max and Adam, and Lindsey went to Houston with her friend, Becca, and her mom to celebrate her 16th birthday. Our first stop was to grab a quick bite to eat with some former Austin friends, Brook and Justin, at Paradise Bakery, a tasty bakery/sandwich shop, then we took Brook with us to visit the art exhibit she had recently blogged about. Their two kids, Emma and Max, were as cute as can be.
Justin took the kids with him after we ate so Brook could get some time away from them. We completely enjoyed visiting these amazing historical Biblical etchings by mainly Rembrandt, and several other Dutch and European artists from the Renaissance art collection. I felt extremely lucky and blessed to have been in Denver at the exact right time to be able to enjoy this event and was grateful for Brook's blog for telling us about it. It was very well done and I only regret that I didn't have more time …