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Christopher misses first days of school

This year Christopher got the one teacher (out of six) that I did not want him to get for fifth grade. I called the principal on Thursday--our anniversary--and told her I wanted to have him changed to another class. I went to the school on Friday and spoke to her in person and made my request again. She said that she would make the change, but not until after Labor Day, and to send her an email making the request.

After I got home, I emailed the principal and told her I still wanted to proceed with the change, but I would strongly prefer to not have to send Christopher to school for the first four days in the class with the teacher that I don't want him to have, and begged her to make the change before the first day of school (yesterday). That was Friday. She never replied before the first day of school.

School started on Tuesday and I still did not want to send Christopher to school, so I simply kept him home. When the school called to ask about his absence, I told the secretary th…

Lindsey's first day of school

Lindsey's first day of school was yesterday, Tuesday. She's a junior and this was taken after school. She's wearing the blouse she got from her Aunt Valerie for her birthday. She starts seminary today. She has four classes on her orange days and four different classes on her white days. On orange days, she has Math Modeling, Varsity Choir, English III, Spanish II. She liked everything so far. After family home evening on Monday night, Lindsey and Christopher got a special father's blessing the night before school started. It's a tradition that they love and look forward to.

Our trip to Vegas

Here we go again, I'm posting some more pictures from our summer vacation. After a few days in Utah, we took our rental minivan to Las Vegas to visit my sister and her husband and kids, Aunt Valerie and Uncle Sean, and their two sons, Parker and Brendan. The last time the kids were here, Christopher was in a stroller!
We arrived the day after Lindsey's birthday, so Valerie continued the party and made her house very festive and birthday-like for our arrival.
Parker is six months younger than Lindsay. They're both juniors in high school.
They have a swimming pool in their back yard and beautiful palm trees and other lovely landscaping features.
I love these colorful and bright spheres.
The inviting, bold, bright colors were the theme for the Mexican dinner that Valerie whipped up.
Lindsey was excited for another family party for her birthday.
We had a ton of guacamole--it was really delicious!
Sean is such a great guy. He and Valerie are such a perfect match for each other.…

A week with Brendan

We had a really fun week with Brendan, my nephew, who flew home tonight to Las Vegas. By the way, we had to have a new hand rail added next to our pool to pass the city inspection, and here it is. I actually like it and didn't think I would. Christopher and Brendan swam a lot.
We took him out for barbecue and he loved it. How can you not?
Christopher is a rib guy.
Brendan is one year younger than Christopher, but he played well with Lindsey too. They made a lot of Shrinky Dinks this week.
Uncle Kelly rocked by filling up Brendan's iPhone with music and videos. Plus we all enjoyed playing Rock Band with him.
The two boys loved staying up late every night and slept in the game room.
We went to the park in River Place one afternoon and they had fun taking pictures of each other being airborne from the swings.
Brendan's one goal for the week was to go to Sea World and ride the roller coasters a ton. We finally checked that off his list yesterday. It has been a rainy we…

Hudson's on the Bend

Dinner last night at Hudson's on the Bend was amazing. I love that place.

Happy 22nd anniversary to my sweet husband!

Lasik eye surgery for Kelly

Kelly had eye surgery today and he's under doctor's orders to take a nice, long nap to let his eyes start healing. His vision has been terrible and he's wanted to have this surgery forever. So today was the day! Happy 22nd anniversary, Honey! The surgery that he had will take a few days or even a couple weeks to have his eyes adjust to how they'll be permanently. I had booked a fun getaway at the relatively new Lost Pines Hyatt near Bastrop, but Thursday is the only day that they schedule surgeries, so I canceled our celebration. His doctor, Dr. Steven Dell, brother of the famous Michael Dell, has treated tens of thousands of patients, so we're hoping his expertise and experience did the trick. Maybe we'll go out to dinner tonight if Kelly's up for it. I'm really excited for Kelly because his contacts have been bothering him really badly and he's been wearing his glasses for the past two months and they are such a pain, not to mention, I miss seeing…

Lindsey's birthday

We celebrated Lindsey's 17th birthday for several days while we were on vacation. Here she is with her cousins and aunt. Nathaniel, Brinley, Lindsey, Morgan, and my sister. We went bowling on her actual birthday a few hours before the Osmonds and MoTab concert. Christopher is showing us his sweet skills here.
Lindsey is about to open her gift from her cousins, which was a cute blouse and a bracelet that she loved.
After the concert, Morgan and Lindsey and their dates for the night, Michael and Brian, came over to play cards. They had an awesome time.
The girls changed out of their dresses and into comfy clothes and the boys just relaxed, still dressed up from the conference center. Brian loved showing off his card tricks. He was really doing an awesome job!
Hanging out at Aunt Julie and Uncle Tom's was really fun. We stayed there for three nights in Riverton at their house, then headed down south to Las Vegas.
Madison was busy knitting a scarf while we were there. Her Om…