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I'm still here!

Due to stupid computer issues, I'm having trouble uploading photos and therefore, have not blogged recently. That and the fact that we moved back to the "western" side of the world last month is another excuse I'll use.   I just want to say hi and that our shipment from Taiwan arrived in Texas a few days ago, including my PC, which was also messed up before the move, but now that we're in the States, my personal tech support can actually order parts for me and fix it.  In the meantime, I just want to report that Kelly and I celebrated our 25 wedding anniversary in August and that Hannah has been able to join us in the United States and has completed three weeks of school here and is adjusting really well.  Also, Christopher is so glad to be back in his old school, playing on the 8th grade football team and also playing trombone in band.  Lindsey is loving life in Rexburg, Idaho, for her sophomore year of college, majoring in elementary education.  We're all h…