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Our family's triathlon

My friend, Bobbi, had emailed me asking how our family did on our triathlon yesterday. Here's my reply to her.

Hello Bobbi!

Thank you for your curiosity and enthusiasm for our big race day yesterday. It was wonderful! I'll tell you more about it, but first want to show you an email that Lindsey sent to her last year's personal fitness teacher from school. It's really cute that she wanted to share this success with her coach. I am including some of my own comments in parentheses in the middle of Lindsey's email. I will italicize those parts too, to distinguish her words from mine.

After re-reading this LONG email I wrote to you, I think I might cut and paste it to put on my blog. Enjoy, my dear friend!

Hey Coach Fisher!

I don't really like the shirt that I got from doing the triathlon, so I'm not going to wear it to school. (I think she must have coached the students to always wear their shirts after an exercise event to the school to show off what they'd acc…

Lindsey's final high school concert

Monday night was the final concert for Lindsey's high school singing days and it was so sad for me! It was a wonderful concert and the Show! Choir was FANTASTIC. Here's Lindsey with friends Nidal and Melody. Here's the Honor's Women's Choir performing (she's in both). You can see Lindsey on the front row, bottom right, second from the end.
Show choir earned the highest rankings, all ones, in a recent competition. They sounded amazing during this farewell concert! I loved every minute of it and was so proud of each of these fine students for all their hard work over the years, and was especially tender-hearted and on the verge of weepy, toward my little Lindsey girl. I can't believe she will be a high school graduate in a little more than a week.
They beautifully sang three songs A Capella and it was a very moving performance!
Lindsey turned in her red and black choir dresses at the school today. They will sing the National Anthem at graduation and the scho…