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Haunting Berry Salad

For a refreshing and simple treat, I made these individual Haunting Berry Salad mini dessert cups for a Relief Society event that I attended last night where we were invited to take a Halloween themed goody to share.  The original recipe is called Holiday Berry Salad, but I put a plastic spider on top and renamed it.  Actually, I was calling them Haunting Berry Salad of Death last night while I was assembling them with Megan, because that's what my husband does when he puts on a fireworks show for us each July, everything gets the "of death" added to the end, Sparklers of Death, Roman Candles of Death, Forbidden Fountain of Death. I felt like I was being quite clever, but he never commented on my Haunting Berry Salad of Death name, so it was probably just comical to me. Typical.  I'm funny.
Just the right serving size.
I bought some black cheesecloth at Target yesterday when I picked up the little package of sparkly spiders to line the bottom of my trays, to add to…

Christopher turns 16

On a hectic Friday, with a typically tightly packed schedule, we squeezed in time to celebrate Christopher turning sweet 16.  The morning of October 4 began with seminary at 5:40 am, and I sent in treats for breakfast for his classmates, some savory quiche Lorraine tartlets, and mini banana chocolate chip muffins, and individual bottles of Simply Orange brand orange juice. Seminary ended at 6:30 am, then the band rehearsal arrival time started at 6:45 am.

Friday band practice ended at 8:30 am, and school started at 9:05 am.  School continued until 4:10 pm, with band call time starting again at 4:30 pm, where the band kids get a pre-ordered catered meal before boarding the buses for the football game. It was a home game, which kept them either practicing, on their feet marching, or playing in the stands for several hours to keep the crowd enthused. They arrived back at the high school by 11 pm, and were at our house around 11:15 pm, almost everyone in the trombone section, except for …