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A trip to Tracy's in Kansas City

Our sister, Tracy, turned the big 5-0 in October, so she planned a wonderful birthday party, for us to visit her new home in Kansas City and spend time together for the weekend. Julie and I stayed at a nearby {fancy} hotel {not so much} and Valerie joined us a couple days later. Here's Julie and Tracy. Tracy's husband, her four kids, and her one grandson, also came to celebrate. Here is my sis with her youngest daughter, Jessica, a fourth grade teacher in Oklahoma.
As most of my blog readers know, I usually make cards for people, but when I saw this good one last year, I cracked up over it, bought it for Tracy, and hoped I would not lose it for when the time came. Who actually gets this thrilled about turning into a new decade? It beats the alternative, right?
The thrilling surprise for all of us was that Tracy's son, Garry, and his wife, Melissa, and their son, Hunter, flew in from Mountain Home, Idaho, to be there. Garry and Melissa got married right out of high school an…