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Baby shower at Kelley's house

In addition to the most delightful baby shower which I previously blogged about, my wonderful neighbors put on another splendid soiree for us a few days later.  Now we are so well stocked with darling baby outfits, essential diapers, colorful toys and more.  The generosity of my friends has given me much reason to be humbled with gratitude for such niceness!  I'm blown away at the outpouring of love and kindness that has been shown to us.  Here are some pictures from the neighborhood gathering.

My baby shower at Sue's house

What an absolutely gorgeous baby shower my friends from church hosted for me and baby Isaac on February 25, about a month before my due date.  The event was on a perfect Saturday afternoon at Sue's house, and she had some help from Summer, Sierra, Cheryl (who left early before I could get her picture taken with us!), and Elizabeth (whom I also didn't get a picture of unfortunately) and Jill.

Here's my baby bump at 8 months pregnant!

Cheryl decorated all these darling little Onesies t-shirts with appliqued neckties and bow ties to use for the shower banners, so Isaac is all set for adorable undershirts!  It seems like that must be the trend because he got some bibs and a couple of other gifts with the neck tie look, which is simply adorable!
Every detail of the party was so festive and colorful in kiwi green, turquoise, blue and brown, including some of the hostesses.  They were so cute to do that! Summer noted that often when I host parties, I try to match the decor, so they …