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Hannah's baptism

It's been a while since I updated my blog because my personal computer died and I've been so disappointed to have to use the laptop.  So many exciting events keep occurring, like our daughter's baptism, so I am forcing myself to keep journaling these important moments in our family.  Congratulations to Hannah on her decision to be baptized! 
She was baptized on Saturday, July 23, in Zhubei, Taiwan, at 2:30 in the afternoon by her Daddy, who for the first time ever, said the baptismal prayer in Chinese.  He had rehearsed it many times in this foreign language, but had a bit of trouble remembering some words, then on about the fourth try after repeating Hannah's full name, it came back to him and the ordinance was beautiful.  The missionaries in our ward, Sister Carroll, from Utah, and Sister Choi, from Korea, helped to teach Hannah and were able to share their talents with playing the piano and leading the music for the baptism.
Hannah was so excited for her baptism day …