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General Relief Society Meeting

Last night I joined some friends from church to attend our annual worldwide meeting for our women's group, the Relief Society, that is broadcast from Salt Lake City via satellite all over the world. Did you know that the Relief Society is the largest women's organization in the world? The talks were inspirational and the night was uplifting, followed by dinner out at Carino's with a group of nine of us. I took pictures of everyone, no surprise there since I take my camera with me almost everywhere. Everyone asked if I was going to post them on my blog and I said I wasn't, but I changed my mind. I love these wonderful women and wanted to show you some of the most remarkable, compassionate, loving, kind, awesome people that I get to enjoy on a regular basis. I love 'em all. This one of Lindsey was taken today after church. She didn't go with us, but next year at this time, she'll be 18 and a senior, and can go too! Here's Liz on the left, my awesome visit…

Pinks All Out

Check it out! My cousin, Jeff Jackson (he's actually my cousin Sonny's son), is pictured here. On September 6, Jeff qualified in the top 16 out of 400 cars to race in the television show "Pinks All Out." Jeff had a microphone, light, and camera inside the car for his runs. They added 16 other cars to the mix that didn't make the cut, and the top 16 cars raced them to advance on the show. Jeff won his first race, but got beat the second race by .06 of a second! Jeff had a great time, according to his dad, and got interviewed three times. The show will air on the speed channel (I didn't even know there was a speed channel) on Thanksgiving Day. Yay, Jeff! I'm proud of you!

Sonny and his brother Jamie have had a business videotaping drag racing movies for years, Jackson Bros. It's more Jamie's gig now. They're both proud of Jeff, I know that! You should see how meticulous Sonny is at his collectibles and treasures. Their garage and classic cars ar…

Landscaping started

The Grass Patch crew showed up today to start digging and putting the irrigation pipes in our backyard around our new pool and in the front yard.
All this dirt is going to be taken to the back to try to flatten out an area that is sloped that I hope to be more flat. They'll build a short retaining wall in one section of the backyard to achieve that.
We've never had a sprinkler system in the front (I'm it), and I'm so glad to not have to worry about it any more. What a pain it's been, although I don't really have to water the grass very often because of our humid climate.
One totally ridiculous observation is that they put the valve box or what ever that rectangle green plastic thing is, in the middle of our lawn. What the heck? I don't think so! Of course, I didn't notice it today while they were here digging. I'm going to request that they move it tomorrow to a less "center of the yard" location. It was so bizarre to me that they'd thi…

Tragic news arrived in my mailbox

Remember the lavish, gorgeous wedding that Kelly and I attended in Nashville two years ago for Rebekah Gee and Allan Moore? Click here to see pictures that I posted then. I got this piece of mail today inviting me to "A Celebration of the Life of Dr. Allan Frederick Moore," and immediately thought of his father, also a doctor. I thought, "I don't recall Allan's dad having the same first name," then googled it. His dad's name is Michael, by the way. I found out that Allan, 31, died about six weeks ago when he and Rebekah were riding a Vespa (motorcycle) and a 21-year-old woman driving a Range Rover or Land Rover, collided with them. I'm numb and saddened by this awful news. I hope to attend the memorial service for Allan that will be held on October 7 in Boston. That will have been Rebekah and Allan's second anniversary. Rebekah's dad was the main guy (Chancellor, I believe) at Vanderbilt University when Kelly and I were there in Nashville f…

Tina and me

My friend, Bobbi, had emailed me to see if we had electricity and if we were okay after the hurricane because I hadn't updated my blog recently. Austin was completely fine and had no effects, and I left these comments hidden in my Hurricane Ike post that most people never saw. So until I have time to post more, I'm just adding this picture of Tina and me from my trip to Seattle a couple weeks ago, taken by her daughter, Marina, I think. Or her son, Jordan.

Hurricane Ike

Even though we live three or four hours from the coast, the hurricanes that hit the gulf have some impact on Austin. The schools in our district are closing two hours early tomorrow, and the grocery stores have been packed today. Everyone is stocking up and getting ready. I'm going out to lunch with friends tomorrow--and am not too worried. But I've got all kinds of food and necessities, just in case. The kids are psyched that they get to have their Friday weekend fun start a bit early. I'm not expecting things to go badly from Hurricane Ike, but if so, we'll be ready. Keep your fingers crossed! Christopher thought it would be interesting if there was also a Hurricane Mike, so it could be Mike & Ike. Edited to add: I just uploaded this picture of the roses I bought for myself at HEB for $10. I didn't want to make a new post just for that.

Coral snake in my backyard

There were some workers in my backyard today and showed me (because I don't speak Spanish very well) that there was a coral snake on the gate of my fence. I think he was asking me if I wanted him to kill it, but I'm not sure. I signaled using the strangling motion with my hands around my neck, but I was trying to tell them it was poisonous. I think they took that as a go ahead to eliminate him. That was fine too. Two of the men got a stick from the woods, then I told him I wanted to get my camera. I said, "no encuentro mi camera" and he said, "busca," so I went back inside to try to find it. I just grabbed my cell phone instead and got a couple of shots. As often as I have creepy crawly things in my world, I justed added a label for this subject. Some rather sickening past posts include the coral snake that Kelly spotted in the driveway, the tarantula outside my window, and then many still remember the giant redheaded centipede that came through the vents o…

Who cares if it doesn't match my kitchen

My old, white Kitchen Aid mixer that I've used and abused for fourteen years has been losing its mojo and I've needed a replacement for several months. From the first time I saw this lovely turquoise Kitchen Aid stand mixer, I knew it was the one for me. It didn't make sense though.Black would. Silver would. White would, but not this one. It didn't matter though, because I {IMPRINTED} with it. For months I tried to deny that I was in love. Every time I walked past it in the department stores, we were drawn together instinctively. I'm certain that my aquamarine steel machine felt the same about me. We were meant to be. My new love joined me yesterday for a future filled with whipping up hours of good, tasty fun. Oh yes, I am happy.

Time with Tina

I've got some more pictures to share from my trip last weekend to Tina and David's house in Sammamish, Washington, east of Seattle. They have a gorgeous, well maintained and lush, green back yard. It was so cozy and secluded in their homey neighborhood.

Here's one of their three dogs, Mufasa. I didn't get pictures of Mocha or Biscuit.
This shrub border was spectacular and I wish I had one in my backyard to add some privacy on the sides of our lot in between the two neighbors. It's called Arbor Vidae or something like that. I wonder if it grows in Texas.

We stopped for lunch at this fish and chips place called The Spud and had some chowder and fish. The cool, coastal chill was freezing to this Texas girl! I hadn't packed for the 50's and 60's. What was I thinking?
This place was right on the water by Puget Sound and has been around for years.
Why does everything deep fried taste better?
The bread bowls filled with chowder were awesome and warmed us up.

Christopher's new teacher

Christopher was beaming from ear to ear because this morning he started the first day of fifth grade with the teacher that I had requested. Our plea was granted Friday afternoon and we're happy! Mrs. Terry is his new teacher, and she is also our neighbor and lives down the street from us.
Christopher has about five of his friends in this class too. He's going to have an awesome year with Mrs. Terry. She's really nice and treats others respectfully. Since he missed the first four days of school, he was extra eager to be there today. One of his buddies in his class has been on vacation and is starting the same time, so they'll be getting caught up together.

Weekend in Seattle

Late Friday evening, I landed in Seattle and returned home today on Labor Day. I have a lot more pictures to post from the gala, but here are just a few to start out with. Here is one of me with Justyn, the day of her Bat Mitzvah.Here are Justyn's parents, Andy and Janine.
This was from Alki Beach, a view of Seattle in West Seattle.
Norwegian Cruise Lines had a ship in port.
The Space Needle!
Here are my friends, Tina, Janine, and me.
What a delightful weekend I had visiting two of my good friends, former Pampered Chef colleagues, Tina and Janine. I went there to attend Janine's daughter's Bat Mitzvah and had a blast. I stayed with Tina and her family, and Tina was my date to all the festivities. The three of us used to have fun on trips to exciting destinations with our husbands (Caribbean cruise, Rome, Munich, Barcelona, etc.) and we've all since resigned from the company, but have remained close friends.