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Nine days until the Austin Triathlon

I'm starting to get nervous for the triathlon that's coming up on Labor Day. It would be so much better if I had someone doing it with me in my age category (40 and over) at the sprint distance who is at about the same skill level that I am (whimpy), just for the company. I have friends who are doing the race that are doing the Olympic distance so they will start at a different time. I'm excited but am having feelings similar to my friend, Bobbi, wondering what I've gotten myself into. I've been training here and there, so I'm more prepared than the last tri. The heat we've had here in Austin certainly hasn't been too helpful for the situation. It makes going outside and running or biking quite uncomfortable. I wish one of my sisters would come do the race with me! I even asked Julie to join me, and she said she would if I bought her plane ticket out here and I said I would. But then I looked at the triathlon online and the race is completely full and r…

Wicked in Austin

Friday night, Kelly and the kids and I went to see Wicked for the first time and it was a nice way to celebrate our 23rd anniversary, which was that day. When I bought the tickets in May, I went back and forth on how many tickets to buy, two or four, and decided that both our kids would be old enough to enjoy the show. The music and orchestra were especially a treat for all of us.
The UT campus was hot, like most days this summer have been. We begin mandatory water restrictions tomorrow, where we can only water our lawn once a week. This drought is intense.
For those who want to put their name in for the show two and a half hours prior, there is a drawing for $25 a seat, with a two ticket limit. Good to know!
We had decent seats, in the lowest balcony on the left, and I sat right on the edge. It was cozy. I just wish I had not left my binoculars on my desk at home so I could get a closer glimpse at the actors' faces. All the binocular rentals had sold out. Next time.
Kelly and I …

Sarah, smile!

Today I had the pleasure of being in the San Antonio temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with Sarah, one of my former Laurel class members when I was a Young Women's advisor a few years ago. What a special day it was to see how Sarah has grown and progressed in the past four years, and to be going through the temple, preparing for her upcoming wedding on Saturday. She was truly one of the most amazing young women when she moved to Austin from West Virginia the summer before starting her senior year of high school, very easy to love, and I wished that there were a dozen more, just like her. She has always been the kind of person that I hoped my daughter would be like some day, whom I really looked up to and appreciated for her talent of including everyone, frequently organizing fun youth get togethers.

This morning, I got to meet her darling fiancĂ©, Dustin. They seem like the perfect pair, and I could not be more happy for the two of them. What made it more spe…