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Boterkoek, a Dutch treat

While shopping for prom dresses on Saturday with Lindsey, I bought these four little tart dishes that are about 3-inches squared. I've been wanting to make some Boterkoek, one of the most scrumptious Dutch desserts that I grew fond of when I lived in The Netherlands.My recipe fit the four red tart pans perfectly.
Here's the recipe, in case you're wanting to try it yourself. 1 cup sugar1/2 cup butter1 beaten egg1 cup flour1/2 cup almond pasteCombine butter and sugar in heavy duty (Kitchen Aid) mixer. Add egg. Add flour and almond paste, crumble it apart if needed. Put into a greased and floured pan. Pat down lightly to smooth out the dough to make it even. Brush the top with milk. Sprinkle with a few sliced almonds. Bake at 325° for about 30 minutes. Eét smakelijk!

Two months of photos

Here's Lindsey in her lovely yellow and black ensemble for the military ball. She went with three of her friends.

One of Lindsey's BFFs, Alex.
Here's my niece's new daughter, Marren, whom she adopted from Ethiopia, arriving in the United States with her the same time as the military ball. I can't wait to meet her soon!

Cupcakes that I baked, and topped with a chocolate truffle, which Sarah had given me for Valentine's Day. I took them to the choir booster club meeting to celebrate Elizabeth's birthday.
Paige and Shana, two of my besties.
Shana made cupcakes, glazed with a chocolate ganache.
Cheryl B. and the rest of us know what this wink is all about. ;-)
Out to dinner at Chili's to cheer Alex up.
Guy troubles apparently.
Tricia is amazing. We love her.
Trombone practice time.
Alice in Wonderland at the IMAX in 3-D for Family Home Evening.
What a great way to kick off spring break.
The next night, we went to the rodeo and afterwards, we were treated to a co…

Top ten reasons why I love March 17

Here are the top ten reasons why I'm head over heels crazy about today, March 17:
10. Green is my favorite color, Kelly green especially.
9. Our family moved to Texas on March 17, 2000! Ten years ago today.
8. It always reminds me of my cousin, Billie Joe Armstrong, lead singer of Green Day.
7. I wrote an awesome poem in junior high about green for an English class, and got recognition for it, honorable mention in a poetry contest.
6. Since our family moved to another school in a different state, I submitted the same poem for a high school English class, and got an A.
5. Green looks good on me. (And in my opinion, it looks good on everyone.)
4. I whipped up corned beef and cabbage and potatoes for dinner tonight for the first time, starting a brand new tradition! (We were in California at this time, last year during spring break and enjoyed dinner with Aunt Ollie's family--Billie Joe's mom--and she served that menu and I LOVED it.)
3. Even though I'm not much of an environment…

Lindsey's choir Cabaret show

Listen to the Music was Lindsey's high school choir theme for this year's Cabaret show. Jackie, the choir booster club secretary, and mom of Christina, made our colorful, excellent entry sign. The wall of seniors turned out really well and each of them got to take home their keepsake 11 x 14 autographed photo.
After the first night's show, here's Neil (Elizabeth's husband), Elizabeth, me, and Jackie. Elizabeth is the president, I'm the vice president, and Jackie is the secretary. The treasurer, Karen, was backstage monitoring and supporting the students that night. Plus, she got some wonderful pictures, that I'll be posting here.
This is Karen's daughter, Charissa, who sang "Taylor, the Latte Boy."
Here is Elizabeth's daughter, Catherine, who sang "Alto's Lament," and here's a version of it since there is not one of her posted that I know of.
Here's some backstage socializing.
More of the same.
Lindsey performed in a t…