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Gordon B. Hinckley

I tried to edit the YouTube video post following this one, but couldn't figure out how to, so I'll just create a new post to insert what I want to say. For those of you non-LDS people who peruse my blog, the president of our church recently passed away. He was a remarkable man who lived to be 97 years old and was a good person and inspired many people, including me, to want to be better. I loved President Hinckley and will greatly miss his example and leadership of our church, but am so thrilled for him to be reunited with his sweet wife, Marjorie Pay Hinckley. I shed some tears on Sunday night when I got the news of his death, but have been so thrilled ever since, knowing that he is in the midst of Sister Hinckley, who died a few years ago, whom he has missed tremendously. True love. They were married for 67 years. I also wanted to refer to my sister's post about our prophet and her sister-in-law's. In addition, I received an email from a Dutch friend of mine (Grace) …

Movie night: Hairspray

Last night we watched Hairspray, an excellent, entertaining movie and I'll give it a 4 on my scale of 1 to 5. I had no idea there were so many big names in it besides the mom of the main character, played by none other than John Travolta, super-sized (and female). In addition, there was Christopher Walken who played JT's character's husband, then Michelle Pfeiffer, who played the "bad guy," perhaps the most beautiful looking bad guy I've ever seen. There was also Amanda Bynes, Zac Efron, and two dads from Seinfield, one who played George Castanza's father and one who played Jerry's father. There was also Queen Latifah, who seems to be in a lot of movies these days. Overall, the acting was fabulous and the characters were well suited.

The movie, adapted from a Broadway play, was in essense a musical set in the sixties, and the underlying message was to accept people based on their inner beauty rather than their physical appearance. I had already figured…

Movie night: Walk the Line

Kelly and I have not been taking full advantage of our Netflix account too well lately, so I thought I would make an effort to blog about movies we see to help us to get our monthly fees' worth of entertainment. We enjoy watching movies together in our game room, so this will be fun. It will also help me to keep track of what I like and what I've seen! Feel free to make any recommendations.

Walk the Line with Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon was an excellent movie and I recommend it. I'll give it a 4 on a scale of 1 to 5. They portray the lives of Johnny Cash and his wife of 35 years, June Carter Cash, and shows a bit of his childhood and relationships and events that lead him to become the "man in black," having recorded live in Folsom Prison to produce an all-time best record selling album, which even outsold the Beatles. Phoenix and Witherspoon's chemistry together was excellent, and their story was interesting to watch grow as they toured together and…

UT Basketball game

The highest possible row in the Frank Irwin Center (Section 84, Row 18, Seats 1-4),
Texas-sized corn dogs and frozen strawberry slushies, with Dad, Mom, and a friend,
A foam finger "Hook 'Em Horns" to show team spirit: Priceless. The game ended with a Longhorn victory, University of Texas: 69, University of Colorado: 65.

The sweetest email ever

The past few days I've been creating some Valentines, and in the meantime, my sweet little son just sent me this touching email that he wrote for me, for no particular reason. Talk about an amazing Valentine! It melted my heart. In Christopher's own words, (including a couple of misspellings and incorrect capitalization) here's what he had to say about me. There is one reference to Mrs. Goss, his school teacher, whom neither of us are very fond of.

Reasons Why I Love You
You are smartYou are prettyYou are cuteYou are awesomeYou are amazingYou are nurturingYou are funnyYou are coolYou are lovingYou are unbelievableYou are AstoundingYou are unspeakableYou are stupendous in ways that cannot be spokenYou are sillyYou are niceYou are helpfullYou are LDSYou are my rolemodelYou are a perfect example to meYou can cook a mean grilled cheeseYou can deal with Mrs. Goss (dont tell her I said that)You can do unimaginable things for peopleYou are the reason i wake up every morningYou are…

Lindsey needs an MRI on her knee

In case you were curious how Lindsey's doctor appointment went, she had x-rays taken yesterday and the tissue around her knee was torn from the kneecap dislocation, and will likely have surgery. So the doctor will take at look at the results after the MRI to determine the damage and see if the cartilage or ligament or something--I can't remember exactly what--is torn too. More bad news is that she'll probably have surgery on both knees because both kneecaps have had tendencies to be loose. My poor baby! She's using crutches and a knee brace now to get around.

Lindsey patellar dislocation

Occasionally, Lindsey and Christopher go over to the elementary school near our house to walk or run on the track. This evening, the kids wanted to take a little evening stroll, so I drove them to the track, parked the car, and oddly, this was first time I'd actually stayed while they ran. I decided to work on cutting out stamp sets while they got a bit of physical activity in. After they'd been around the track a few times, Christopher came running up to me yelling frantically, pointing toward Lindsey, screaming that she'd fallen and was hurt. I jumped out of the car, ran over to where she was lying on the ground, hysterically screaming from pain, as she told me her knee had popped out of place. She was literally screaming her head off, which is unlike her. I could tell she was in pain.

I ran back to the car to move it closer to where she was and called my sister-in-law, Debbie, a physical therapist, and told her quickly I had an emergency and needed her help. I didn't…

My new 'do'

For months, I've been contemplating cutting my long hair, and this afternoon on a whim, called my daughter's stylist to see if she had an opening today, and she did. I thought that I'd better hurry and go get it cut before I changed my mind. So I had three hours to flake out or come up with an idea. I stopped by Walgreen's magazine rack to look through the In Style, People, Hot Hair Trends, etc., looking for just the right celebrity to attempt to mimic. I saw Katie Holmes last night on TV and her haircut looked cute. Diane Keaton's did too, but heck, she's 62 years old. I called Paige and asked for her advice. She said to go short. I called Valerie and she agreed, and actually specifically referred to Katie's do. Then I called Julie and she said to go long, and have long flowing bangs on the sides and cut the layers a bit more, taking about an inch off the length. She thought my face might be too chubby (my words, not hers) to pull off the shorter look. Min…

"The greeting cards have all been sent..."

Well, maybe not ALL of them. But at least a big chunk of my Christmas cards were sent out in the past two days. At least anyone who sent me one already, got one sent out. Now I'm working on gathering addresses for a few who didn't send me a card. I had a lot of fun making them this year, and worked on them while I was in Colorado. I love getting cards in the mail! It's the best kind of mail there is. Fun mail is welcome ANY time of year, so thank you to each of you who sent me and the family a card this holiday season! I treasure opening each of them and here's something strange to know about me...I don't throw them away, but keep them for YEARS! I keep them all bunched up together by year, and sometimes I have fun going through old ones. If you are reading this post and didn't get a card from me and would like for me to send you one, email me and I'll be happy to. (But if you already mailed a card to us this year, yours is en route.) Happy new …

Lindsey gets jabbed with pencil

This picture (below) was taken today, three days after her visit to the doctor. She gets the sutures out on Thursday before school.
Look carefully for the lead colored dot on her head from the pencil before going to the doctor:
Happy new year, everyone. The family and I just got back from Colorado last night and today I took Lindsey to the doc for a little cosmetic procedure. In December, one of her classmates was intending to toss a pencil across the room to another student, and the object in motion incidentally hit Lindsey in the forehead instead. See the gray colored, permanent lead dot about an inch below her hairline on the left side of her face?

Today, Dr. Jones removed what he referred to as a pencil tattoo, by numbing her skin with a very long needle, then using a small cookie cutter type of blade, that removed a round chunk of skin, then stitched it up with two stitches. I watched the whole time as I was holding Lindsey's hand. She was very brave and it was rather nauseati…