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Easter Sunday (Lime Pineapple Sparkling Punch)

We put together a very last-minute (two days' notice) dinner with four families from church. Hai-Li brought her niece and son, Justin.
Kelly practices his Chinese with her to get ready for his first trip to Taiwan in four weeks.

The weather was drab and wet the day before, but Sunday turned out to be a perfect day to entertain outside in our backyard.
Trevor and Seth Katelyn
The hunt is on!
Lindsey is in recuperation mode on the side of the pool.
This is fun!
Lonna, at least 20 minutes before realizing she'd have to dive into the shallow end of the pool to rescue her 3-year-old daughter, who stepped in, fully dressed and sank in panic, submersed under water with her eyes and mouth wide open, staring upward to the crowd of people watching her. (Our first incident of this sort. Luckily, it was an extremely brief moment, but it was pretty scary, nevertheless.)
Looks like we gave the little kids too big of a lead and most of the Easter eggs were already snatched up.
Christopher was st…

Quick trip to Salt Lake and Las Vegas

Nearly twenty-four years ago I complete 18 months of service as a full-time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that helped shape my life immeasurably. I attended a mission reunion in Salt Lake City on Friday night, with more than 200 in attendance. The evening was so much fun. My only issues were that I showed up two hours late, thanks to a delayed flight from Denver, and I felt the night was too short, and the fact that my camera battery died just after I got there. Still a wonderful weekend trip I took alone, and left the family behind to miss me a few days. I'll summarize my travels in the following pictures and brief descriptions BELOW each image. Enjoy! My trainer, ReNae, and me.
Waking up to a dusting of snow.
My brother and his wife's casa.
Incredible gourmet breakfast.
Eggs Benedict extraordinaire.
Refreshing fruit smoothies.
Fresh tulips for ambiance.
Off to General Conference.
Brinley Paige, my niece.
Three nieces.
Nathaniel, my nephew, avec …