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My sleeping pro, Isaac

Our family went on a five day vacation to Washington, D.C., last week to support our high school freshman son, Christopher, as he had the honor of participating in the well-known National Cherry Blossom Festival Parade with his school's marching band.  We took the baby and Hannah with us on Thursday from Austin, and flew non-stop to DCA, rented a car, then drove to visit friends in Lovettsville, Virginia, then later on to another set of friends in Manassas, Virginia, followed by our hotel stay near the heart of all the tourist spots in our nation's capital.  We were just a few minutes away from Reagan International Airport at the Radisson Hotel.

Isaac has turned into an excellent sleeper during the past several months, thanks to following suggestions from several friends and family on how to better sleep train him.  He has a few beloved items that help with the process, and we took those essentials with us on the trip to ensure maximum sleep time for the wee one during our br…