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San Antonio temple weekend

Here am I (five months pregnant), with Hannah, Kelly, Lindsey, and Christopher, walking out of the San Antonio temple after our new daughter was sealed to us for time and for all eternity during a special, sacred ceremony, this past Saturday afternoon.  We were happy to have a wonderful group of guests in attendance with us, Kelly's two sisters, Debbie and Brenda, my sister, Julie, Kelly's mom and dad, my mom, my good friends Lorraine and Stewart, Carol and Rick, and one person from our ward, my buddy, Sue.
Dinner later that night consisted of a feast at the Salt Lick in Driftwood, Texas, for some incredible pork ribs, cole slaw, and more.
We strolled along the Riverwalk to show our visiting family members one of San Antonio's popular tourist spots.
 It was a beautiful, windy day, the Saturday following Thanksgiving, in San Antonio.
 We tried to find a corner with less wind to blow in our faces.
 More photos of the family.
 The family, strolling along the Riverwalk.
 Our cute kid…