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Happy Halloween, friends!

Lindsey agreed to take her little brother around trick-or-treating with her tonight for about an hour. Here they are posing just before sundown in the woods behind our house.I thought I'd post a picture that Christopher took when he was six years old while we were on a field trip to a pumpkin patch in Elgin, Texas, with his school. I just love his little feet and looking at the pumpkins through his eyes. We'll be going out to trick or treat at his daddy's office when he gets home from school. He's going as the Grim Reaper. Lindsey is going to have to miss it to work on filming and creating her own aerobics workout video for her P.E. class. Of all days, her partner on this could only get together on Halloween. Frightening! It's due on Friday, but hopefully they'll still enjoy this festive day.

Halloween cupcakes

The family is heading to our church Halloween Carnival tonight. There's going to be a chili cook-off and trunk-or-treating. Apparently, there were too many volunteers to bring chili, and not enough for cupcakes. When the email arrived yesterday asking for volunteers to help out, I jumped at the chance to change my cooking efforts to the more sweet, fun choice. Who wouldn't? I love to make cupcakes! Should be a fun night out.

Photography by Gabrielle

We hired a professional to take some pictures of us on a gorgeous Texas evening, on October 13. Gabby, thank you so much for getting some great shots of our family. You are so talented and my kids loved doing it. They decided they like being models! Thanks again.

It's Christopher Appreciation Day!

One week after celebrating our fifth wedding anniversary, we got the phone call that changed our status in life from being what some people these day refer to as DINKs--double income no kids--to proud parents of a new little girl, who was a month and two days old when we got her. Lindsey arrived and our lives revolved around this new little being who brought joy and happiness to our home. Lindsey was such a perfect addition to our family and we knew we wanted more kids. I still hung onto hope that I would one day give birth and continued to pursue adoption and fertility means. Our marriage had the typical ups and downs, and we eventually applied for the next adoption.

I struggled with the notion that I wanted to not just get placed with any random baby, whom ever was up for the next adoption. I didn't want to just get just "any" baby, but the right one, one who was truly meant to be ours. We had been so perfectly matched with Lindsey, and I didn't want to be matched u…

An afternoon at Temple Square in SLC

Question: How long does it take to upload 56 photos onto blogger?
Answer: Two and a half hours, 2 loads of laundry, one hot breakfast of french toast with the hub, several business and personal emails written and answered, and a pile or two of clutter cleared from my desk, while listening to a random selection of tunes on my treasured iPod Mini.

Hopefully you'll think it was worth it! I kept busy while systematically uploading all these pictures that I took on the beautiful grounds of Temple Square in downtown Salt Lake City, where my true love and I were married twenty-one years ago. There was a peaceful, tranquil spirit in the air on this lovely autumn day last Tuesday when I was there with my sister, Julie, and three of her children.

Julie took me to a lunch at the Lion House where I chose salmon with unique salsa filled with capers, rice pilaf, and fluffy white dinner rolls, with the famous Lion House honey butter, and everything was tasty.

We went on a tour of the Beehive House.