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August 21, 1986

He was my college sweetheart.  He had a mustache and a mullet.  I had big, bleach-blonde, permed hair.  We were a match made in heaven.
Twenty-six years ago today, I married the one guy that I never got sick of after we dated for a while.  Historically, I would always like a guy until he liked me back.  And since Kelly kept liking me after we had become girlfriend and boyfriend, I was wondering what might be wrong with him.  Why wasn't I getting sick of him? We were inseparable and saw each other every day. He even wrote me a song!  How can a girl not be impressed with that?

He had set a goal to not get married until he was finished with his Bachelor's degree.  I had set a goal to marry him before the year was out.  I won.  Ha ha.  We married each other on a hot summer day in the beautiful Salt Lake Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  We have been though good times and bad, and our love has grown so much through the years.  I would do it all over again. …

My baby is almost five months old!

Isaac has captured my heart and most of my time, as you can tell from the lack of activity on my blog, and quickly grown from this tiny little guy a few months ago to this bigger boy now!
Another distraction for me has been the ease of Instagram, where I regularly (daily) take pictures, then upload it to the site with a little caption.  It's been my way of saying what we've been up to in a convenient way, by holding my iPhone while feeding or rocking my son, and giving me something to do in the meantime.  I would LOVE to get caught up and share more!

I can just say that it's exciting being the mother of four wonderful children.  I would have never thought this was possible at this stage in my life.  I'm eternally grateful that I have been so blessed! If I don't post for a while, just know that I'm savoring every spare moment I can with my wee one, and blogging can wait.  I do miss my blog and reading about my friends who blog too.