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Y and why

For the past two weeks, our washing machine has been broken. It finally got repaired on Saturday, so I've been catching up on laundry. In the meantime, I bought Christopher this new shirt (he was out of clean ones) because it reminded me of the Y and it's actually in BYU blue. And then it seemed clever to have the UT orange background, especially after I had just heard that BYU and UT will be playing each other in football on September 10, 2011. (Thanks for the 411, Nate.) I also just loved this shirt on Christopher because he asks WHY all the time. It kind of drives me nuts sometimes, but he's a very curious kid. In tiny letters inside the bottom of the why it says, "because." I'm grateful for my inquisitive boy.

ONE THOUSAND invitations!

I'll admit, this is a ridiculous amount of pictures that I took of a bunch of cardstock and embellishments, but since I have invested so much time in making these, I want to remember the results of the efforts of not only me, but a handful of others who helped out here and there in the production line, before I distributed them to the ten different congregations of Mormon women who have been invited to our conference. Nine hundred invitations are in English, and one hundred are in Spanish. Now that these beauties are all out of my house, I'll spend the next three weeks working on details of the conference and have my fingers crossed for a successful event, where women will be glad they came to it, and leave feeling uplifted and ready to spread a little love by small and simple things they do for others. Anyone can attend this, by the way. Your presence would be greatly appreciated by me especially.

Austin Stake Relief Society Women's Conference

I'm barely making the time for the P90X workouts this week due to intense focus on our upcoming women's conference. Here's the poster that we just had printed this week. I've been making invitations for the conference since December (which is why I didn't make my own Christmas cards for 2009), and am making 100 invitations per ward, and there are ten wards in our stake. One thousand hand-made invitations with embellishments and bling takes a long time! I'm on the final stretch though, and have made about 900 so far. I'll finish them by tonight, no matter what, so I can deliver them tomorrow to be handed out at church on Sunday in the different chapels. I've taken a few pictures of them, but want to wait until after they are all completed to post them on my blog.

As far as P90X goes, I've lost four pounds and am sticking to the diet really well. In fact, Lindsey had to deliver brownies to a boy at school yesterday and called me in the morning asking m…

Three days into it

Our family has been doing the legendary P90X program for three full days and I'm very happy with it so far. I've already lost 1.5 pounds and Kelly has lost 2.5 pounds. The kids haven't weighed at the right times, so we don't know what they've lost, but I'm 100% positive that they have each lost something because of the huge shift in our eating and exercising habits.

Since I'm cooking three meals a day for each of us, I feel like I've become a full-time cook. Thank goodness, Kelly does the grocery shopping for me. I haven't been hungry AT ALL! The food that is recommended to consume is insane, and each of us struggles to finish all of it. This morning was the first time we had a carbohydrate with our breakfast, and I was all excited about it. It was a whole wheat English muffin, with fat-free mozzarella cheese broiled on each half, and two little turkey sausage patties, plus a glass of fat-free milk. It took forever to finish it because it's extre…

A new year

Remember that Christmas Family Home Evening activity that I blogged about recently with our friends visiting from China and a few others? Sam and Yvette talked to Kelly all evening about their success with P90X, an extreme home fitness plan that I was never really that excited about pursuing. For some reason, it sounded intriguing to Kelly, and for the new year, he is now all gung-ho about starting it to get in better shape and to lose weight. He does that with his pursuits, goes all out.

Since then, Kelly has ordered the program online for about $139 and has ordered some yoga blocks, a pull-up bar, some stretchy bands, floor mats, a BMI body fat measurer, a body tape measurer, and all kinds of other things like protein bars and powder. He's asked me repeatedly if I'll do the program with him and I keep telling him I will. We start on Monday. I'm kind of excited about it, but also freaked out to know that certain foods will be off limits to me.

I haven't had a donut in a…