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A new year

Remember that Christmas Family Home Evening activity that I blogged about recently with our friends visiting from China and a few others? Sam and Yvette talked to Kelly all evening about their success with P90X, an extreme home fitness plan that I was never really that excited about pursuing. For some reason, it sounded intriguing to Kelly, and for the new year, he is now all gung-ho about starting it to get in better shape and to lose weight. He does that with his pursuits, goes all out.

Since then, Kelly has ordered the program online for about $139 and has ordered some yoga blocks, a pull-up bar, some stretchy bands, floor mats, a BMI body fat measurer, a body tape measurer, and all kinds of other things like protein bars and powder. He's asked me repeatedly if I'll do the program with him and I keep telling him I will. We start on Monday. I'm kind of excited about it, but also freaked out to know that certain foods will be off limits to me.

I haven't had a donut in a long time, but just knowing that if I wanted one next week, I couldn't. Tonight I had this urge to pig out on Krispy Kreme's originals, so I went on a donut run. I downed three of the dozen before I even made it into the driveway and satisfied my craving. (So much for fasting. I'll fast really well next month.) Hopefully the remaining nine will be consumed by my family by Day One of P90X. I did go running three miles today, one per donut.

I'm not really sure what I'm getting myself into, but when I commit, I mean it. I just hope the exercise videos aren't as brutal as everyone tells me they will be. I'll be sure to share my results and experiences here, and yes, before and after pictures.

Images of Michael Bublé are going through my head. "It's a new dawn, it's a new day, and I'm feeling good." Must be a good sign.


Sierra said…
Good luck and way to have motivation! I wish I could. Joe did P90X one summer and it worked well but was very brutal. I think he even threw up a few times at the beginning. Good luck!!
Cassie said…
I have heard P90X is awesome. I think I may look into to get the baby weight off!
Julie V. said…
I have never heard of that fitness plan. Sierra said her husband threw up! Yikes, that does seem brutal. Doing the program together will be to both of your advantages though. It's fun to drag someone with you as the program goes I am sure. Good luck. I laughed at the last thing you said, hahaha! Good luck and Happy New Year. I love you :)
i'm right there with you kelly. i'm excited to know someone else will be doing it right along with me! washboard abs, here we come!!
Bobbi said…
I have been tempted by the info about P90x so I am intrigued to hear what you think and how it works for you. Since tri training didn't budge a single pound off of me, I am ready to do something else. Good luck!
Lonna said…
James and I started it awhile ago, brutal is putting it lightly for some of those workouts. I missed two nights in a row due to church meetings and I couldn't get back into it with the same motivation again.

Also if you are doing it with the diet prepare to eat more meat that one should ever have to. I like meat, but it is totally crazy getting all the protein that is needed for each day. I think that the diet was the hardest part for me. You will do great. It will be fun for you and Kelly to do it together.
Maryanne said…
I should have read this entry first (before I read and commented on the one AFTER it:o) ) Your donut run is a total crack-up.

I'm excited for you guys! I have heard great things about this program. What a fabulous thing to do it as a family!
LindaLu said…
"I downed three of the dozen before I even made it into the driveway" ... lololol

I always enjoy your honesty! :-)

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