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BYU football weekend

Hello blog world! It's been a while. So tonight's occasion to check in is rather lame, considering I neglected to cover events such as my daughter returning home from her mission in Hong Kong and Macau in April, or my toddler turning two in March, or my other daughter starting middle school recently, etc. Football season apparently gets me off the couch with updating the blog. So, here we go!  We first got asked by Kelly's cousin, Tim, a month or so ago, if he could stay here with us during the BYU game when they come to Austin. Then in the past few days, several other out of town friends texted me to say they will be out for the big game. I've been so anxious for the Cougars to come to town that I did what I always do when an upcoming event is approaching, I started planning a party menu. I whipped up all manner of BYU blue treats, and built up the anticipation for the big weekend. 
Our social worker who flew to Taiwan when we did our home study to adopt Hannah, was one…