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BYU football weekend

Hello blog world! It's been a while. So tonight's occasion to check in is rather lame, considering I neglected to cover events such as my daughter returning home from her mission in Hong Kong and Macau in April, or my toddler turning two in March, or my other daughter starting middle school recently, etc. Football season apparently gets me off the couch with updating the blog. So, here we go! 
We first got asked by Kelly's cousin, Tim, a month or so ago, if he could stay here with us during the BYU game when they come to Austin. Then in the past few days, several other out of town friends texted me to say they will be out for the big game. I've been so anxious for the Cougars to come to town that I did what I always do when an upcoming event is approaching, I started planning a party menu. I whipped up all manner of BYU blue treats, and built up the anticipation for the big weekend. 

Our social worker who flew to Taiwan when we did our home study to adopt Hannah, was one of our guests, and he brought a friend along too. A couple of Lindsey's friends arrived for the weekend as well and it was a blast celebrating with everyone. I whipped up some pulled pork sandwiches topped with crispy coleslaw for us to eat before the game, and we went swimming in the pool after lunch. 
Notice the BYU plate? Those are my new addition to my entertaining stash that I bought this summer, along with a bunch of red ones too, that I used for our ward Pioneer Day dinner. 
Tim made a handy sous chef and helped with the Y watermelon slices.
Isaac liked playing peek-a-boo with us. 
We had a fun visit from Zach the night before, just Tim, Hannah, and I had attended the BYU football team's devotional at the Round Rock Stake Center, which was fantastic. I drove the convertible, so my hair looks like I had a blast, which I did, so it's all good. Zach is a big Texas fan too, so I offered a Hook 'em Horns courtesy pose. 
This next picture was just before we were heading out the door, and Christopher took it. All three shots he took were blurry, but this was the least unclear. 
We attended a Cougar Town tailgate event in campus before the game. The real Cosmo was there, but on the other side of the room, so I forced Kelly and Tim to pose by this Cosmo instead. 
The seats were arranged by Tim, and he got tickets for us on the opposite side of the stadium than where we normally sit. We were up high in section 103, row 52. There were only two rows higher. It was so much cooler sitting there in the shade. We are usually burning up on the other side. It was an overall excellent view. I would have liked to be down a little lower, where Josh and David got seats, in section 104, row 15, where they had comfortable chair backs and a nice view on the 40 yard line. 
It was fabulous to be here at this game. The first half was somewhat uneventful and ended at 6-0, with BYU leading. The new coach at UT has been doing all kinds of rebuilding and apparently this wouldn't be their night to show what they've got. The Cougars dominated and beat the Longhorns 41-7, which is the most that Texas has lost a home game by since about 1997 or something like that. 
Tim brought his goal post costume and put it on for us in the fourth quarter. 
It was a discouragement for all the Texas fans, but I was impressed with their kindness and hospitality they showed the BYU crowd. 
The final highlight of the game was when we met Michael after it ended. He met Lindsey years ago when they were in the same EFY company, two years in a row, coincidentally, then wrote to Lindsey on her mission a few times, and then they dated a couple of times after she got home. He had come out to Texas for the football game with his dad. 

We look forward to cheering on both teams this fall and hope the Longhorns can make a big comeback, and that BYU can keep being awesome! 
(Special thanks to Judy for sharing her recipe for Monster Cookies, which look and taste amazing. She makes a boatload at a time, so I broke down her recipe to this smaller version shown above.)


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