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halloWeen colors

This one was broken, so I had to eat it. So, so tasty!
One day while shopping at Macy's, I found a really cute Martha Stewart alphabet cookie cutter set, from A to Z, on clearance, marked down to twenty bucks. While I'm a serious baker, I'm not one to bake elaborate sugar cookies, although I'm a big fan. I know someone who is though, so I took this darling little set to her doorstep that night. She liked them too! So as a thank you, Jennie said she would be happy to whip up some fancy cookies for me sometime, so I called her the week of Lindsey's homecoming, and I couldn't have been more delighted with the result. So cute and also incredibly delicious. Thank you, Jennie! I hope you're enjoying the rest of the alphabet cookie cutters too. Woohoo! The W sure looks wonderful.

Biker babes at Outlaw 100 Trail

Here's the group of women (plus Kelley's husband, Mike) from my neighborhood that I bike with. On Saturday morning, we joined about 900 others on the most perfect day with sunny skies and pleasant temperatures, riding through country roads in Round Rock and Georgetown, beginning at Dell Diamond. We did the 40 mile loop, which in reality was 41.2 miles, and finished in about three and a half hours. What an awesome day it was. I hope Kelly will join me for next year's Outlaw ride.

"Cease from anger and forsake wrath"

--Psalms 37:8. One recent Wednesday morning when I was enjoying those last moments of sleep before starting the day, Christopher realized that he had ignored my nagging instruction to take everything belonging to him out of the backseat of my Camry the night before. Tuesdays are our one jam-packed busy day of the week when Christopher gets off the bus at just before 4 pm, then we leave almost immediately for the high school to pick up Lindsey, when I take the kids to back-to-back piano lessons from 4:30 to 5:30, followed by football practice from 6 to 8 pm.

They have their backpacks with them to be able to work on homework when the other is having piano lessons, plus my car is filled with piano music bags, and often something food related for either an after-school snack or dinner on-the-go. It drives me crazy to have junk left behind in my car, and I constantly remind them to bring every single thing inside when the day is over. I remember hearing an annoying response from him, "…

Spider web cupcakes

Happy 50th birthday, Tracy! Even though we already celebrated it last week in Kansas City, I wanted to send you this web wish too. Enjoy your day! Thanks for being a thoughtful, loving, reliable, amazing sister.

Back to blogging, tri recap

This has been the longest stretch of my not blogging and I finally have something to say that I don't want to forget about. First, thanks for the encouragement to continue on, there are a few who seem to like reading what I have to say here now and then.

Let me give a quick run down of what has been happening since I last posted about my fears just before doing the triathlon. As I've been spending far too much time on Facebook, I think the blog is a much better forum to keep track of happenings and to keep it all contained in one tidy spot. What a person can hit and miss on Facebook leaves a lot of gaps. And even though I did post something on my wall there, a quick summary of my experiences of the Austin Triathlon, it's way back in older posts and I haven't figured out a good way to scroll back and have it be a lasting record of my event. That's one excellent benefit to the blog.

It sounds like this is turning into a pro and con discussion for blogging v. Facebook. …