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Living next to the woods

Just after school today, Lindsey was about to leave to go to her physical therapy appointment, when she pointed out a big tarantula on the outside of our living room window. CREEPY! Here's a closer shot of the spider. I took the ruler to measure it and it's about 3.5 inches long, less than half the size of the nasty giant red-headed centipede that I encountered INSIDE the house last summer.
Living next to the woods, we get all kinds of wildlife, so these creepy crawly things come with the territory, literally. Time to call for pest control! Sorry about the unpleasant image--I'll be sure to post something different soon. I just wanted Kelly to see what he's missing. Why do I get these uninvited guests when he's out of town? He's in California until Thursday.

More Easter pics

Our guests were Jenny and her dad, and Dawnmarie and Steve, all friends from church. We played a game of Apples to Apples after dinner.

Christopher's first pet

Meet, Spud, a Russian tortoise. He came from PetSmart during spring break, as a belated birthday gift. We told Christopher he could get a tortoise for his birthday, but none of the pet stores we went to had any. When Lindsey and Christopher went to the pet store recently to buy food for her birds, they saw the tortoise in the store. He was the only one in stock, so the next day, Kelly took Christopher to bring home his first pet.

Russian tortoises have a lifespan of about 50 years, and Spud is about one and a half years old now. He eats carrot peelings and leafy greens like kale, lettuce, celery, and occasionally, apples. He lives in Christopher's bedroom in a large see-through storage tote, filled with store-bought sand and various turtle playground equipment. Kelly sawed the lid off and designed and attached an ultra violet light, which Spud needs about twelve hours of per day. Kelly and the kids took Spud outside for an adventurous photo op last week, and these are som…

Heavenly Lake Austin Spa

If a picture is worth a thousand words, this post should equal several thousand words, or even a short story. I took a lot of pictures to remind me of my getaway spa day. Here's where it all started....the gift my husband gave me for Christmas that took me three months to cash in on, a half day away at the Lake Austin Spa. Ah...I'm still relaxed just thinking about it. Then you'll see a gazillion pictures I took yesterday.

This was the only bummer view...the ceiling over my head when my Swedish massage was over. It was actually attractive, and the round speaker piped in my music preference, but the reality that my massage had ended made the view less appealing.
My friend, Carol, after her facial, waiting for her Daydreaming Massage treatment.
My friend, Sue, chilling after being told by her massage therapist that she needs to see a chiropractor.

Lake Austin Spa gift from Kelly

Finally, today I'm going to enjoy my Christmas gift from Kelly, a day at Lake Austin Spa for some head to toe pampering and relaxing with a couple of my friends, Carol and Sue. I'm SO excited to check it out as I've heard about this fabulous destination for years, even before I ever moved to Austin, and love my honey for booking this surprise gift for me. You can be assured that I'll let you know how our day goes. Au revoir!