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Amused in Taiwan

During a week of our last month in Taiwan, we took a mini vacation down to the southern point of the island and stopped for one hot, muggy day at this amusement park.  I can't remember where it even was or what it was called, but will post some pictures of our day there.  The place was practically empty and there was hardly any waiting time for the rides.  The only drawback for me was that I was just barely pregnant and didn't get to ride on ANYTHING, and was taking all kinds of pills that made me drowsy to help me STAY pregnant, and it was super sticky and moist in the air.  Most of my pictures have a humid look to them.  Regardless, it was a fun day, and our first vacation with our new daughter.  Enjoy! I'll try to get more vacation pictures posted later this week to try to catch up the months that I wasn't blogging.