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Time with Tina

I've got some more pictures to share from my trip last weekend to Tina and David's house in Sammamish, Washington, east of Seattle. They have a gorgeous, well maintained and lush, green back yard. It was so cozy and secluded in their homey neighborhood.

Here's one of their three dogs, Mufasa. I didn't get pictures of Mocha or Biscuit.
This shrub border was spectacular and I wish I had one in my backyard to add some privacy on the sides of our lot in between the two neighbors. It's called Arbor Vidae or something like that. I wonder if it grows in Texas.

We stopped for lunch at this fish and chips place called The Spud and had some chowder and fish. The cool, coastal chill was freezing to this Texas girl! I hadn't packed for the 50's and 60's. What was I thinking?
This place was right on the water by Puget Sound and has been around for years.
Why does everything deep fried taste better?
The bread bowls filled with chowder were awesome and warmed us up.
Then we drove over to the Pike Place Market and got to see the fish throwing and hustle and bustle going on there. It would be so fun to live near there to shop for fresh produce, fish, and flowers. I bought some raspberries to snack on.

The flowers were abundant and bright. If we lived here, I would want Kelly to bring home a fresh bouquet to me at least once a month.
I LOVE FLOWERS! If you ever come to my house for dinner, bring flowers. I'll love you forever. They are so affordable here at the farmer's market.
The fresh fish scent was a bit stinky, but the smell is somehow forgotten after you're there for a short while.

I bought Lindsey a bracelet handmade from this lady, but I haven't given it to her yet. I think I'll wait to see if Lindsey actually looks at her mom's blog before I give it to her. A little bonus.
Speaking of Lindsey, one of our most favorite movies of all time that we've enjoyed together is Sleepless in Seattle, and I got a kick out of seeing the place where this part of the movie was filmed with Tom Hanks, where he's getting advice from his friend on reentering the dating scene.
Check out these gargantuan LOBSTER TAILS!
Tina put her hand by one to help show how huge they actually are.
Crowds were so intrigued by the fishmongers that it was hard to get a good view of the action.
So I took a picture of this fresh bouquet that a man had bought for someone special instead.
Tina and I picked up this arrangement to take to Janine and Andy for the informal deli night at their house that evening. It was only about $13 or $14!
We drove back and forth on this floating bridge a few times going out to Tina's neck of the woods.
My first impression of Seattle was awesome and I can't wait to return with my husband some time. What a gorgeous part of these United States!


Jessica said…
I've been on that bridge too! You can see Tyler's grandpa's house from that bridge if you look in the right place.
Francie said…
Glad to hear Christopher has a nice teacher and best wishes for a wonderful year for him. The pictures of Seattle are beautiful! You look fabulous! I told Aubrey you must have to be pretty to be in your family and maybe I should wish I was a Thompson :) As the blog.
Lisa said…
This trip looks amazing - Seattle is so green and lush. JL served his mission there and has always wanted to go back to visit. I've never been, but from what he has told me it's just beautiful. Someday I will see it.
Heidi said…
It is so beautiful up there! I went once when I was 12 and would love to go back...
The Roberts said…
Kelly, That just looks like a fun trip with a friend. Could you imagine having a place like that here in Steiner to get fresh produce and flowers like that!! ??
Megs said…
What a trip!! can I just say it made me a little homesick to see all the fun seattle sights. We lived just two blocks south of the market. Too bad we just missed each other. Glad you had such a great time.
~ Tina said…
Yay, Kelly! Thanks for posting your pix, you were much better at camera action than I was, so I'm happy to see the memorable parts of our weekend! Can't wait to see the "Gala" photos!
i have only been to seattle once, but i do remember it being a great place to visit as well as so pretty. you can't beat the market and the fish, and the views of the ocean. at least you got to cool off before coming back to the heat!
jennie w. said…
Portland is much better than Seattle. You should do a side by side comparison next time you're out there.

Everybody in the Pac. NW has arbor vitae. I haven't seen them down here, though.
~Family Life said…
What fun! You've been everywhere this summer. Her yard is so beautiful and green. Pretty! I've seen other pictures of the market you went too. My good friend's sister lives there and she posted about how fabulous it was there too. I'd love to have something like that at my finger tips! You look great by the way. Super happy!
ninnies said…
looks really nice up there, very pretty and fresh. Hey, thanks for the bracelet! =]
I can't wait to see it. lol, It's cool that you got to see the place where Tom Hanks was for Sleepless in Seatle, our favorite Chick flick together. =]
Maryanne said…
I am drooling over that fabulous market! And those soup bowls....YUM!! What a gorgeous back yard - so lush and green (I guess that's what happens when it actually rains more often than twice a year!). And that dog! He's humongous!! (Or is he a she?)
Kelly said…
Buddy, I was at HEB tonight, wishing I was in Seattle to pick up some fresh flowers. I bought two whimpy little bouquest of a half dozen roses for $5 apiece. I could have gotten an huge mixed bouquet at the Pike Place Market for that. Oh well, I still love my little dozen roses for $10.
~ Tina said…
In case Maryanne sees this comment - the huge dog is a "he", and his name is "Mufasa" (from Lion King). He's a Leonberger breed, which was created in the 1800's to be the "lion" of the dog kingdom.
~ Tina O.

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