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I'm feeling a bit LOST

Well, it's back. I'm still not sure where the writers are going with what used to be my favorite show, but obviously, they realize that they turned off a lot of fans in their fall disaster "mini series" of the ABC show LOST. I don't see Juliette in this photo, so it makes me wonder what will be happening to her in the near future.

Tonight's episode was odd to me how the recap went out of its way to avoid any reference to Libby, or Ana Lucia, whom I could not stand, thank goodness, and the married couple, the black woman and white husband, and the brother and sister, Shannon and what's-his-name, and Michael and his son. Eko made a brief appearance, but he had no lines. ABC emphasized that they will be airing 16 episodes without reruns, again, trying to regain the excitement for their one-upon-a-time hit show. It seems like they were trying to get that loving feeling back from the first season. How many times are we going to see the recap of how their story began? I think we've got it now.

What else am I LOST about? I've been juggling about a million little things, from helping out a couple of people this week, to my PC business, to my church volunteer service, to school volunteer work, to Cub Scout service, to carpooling, to taking my son to minor doctor appointments, to maintaining the family with groceries, meals, and so forth.

As far as the blog updates, I am trying to figure out if I'm going to bother with using my new camera, which I cannot seem to find a good, quick turnaround time from the time I snap a photo, to the time I can beg my husband to upload it onto my computer. I have the old camera figured out, but the new one is different. I am so close-minded with any changes in technology! Thank goodness my husband is an expert with electronics, but I rely on him too much. Gosh, my kids could probably figure it out better than I could.

The point is that I wish I would be adding more than one post a week, but it's just not happening. In my life, as I am trying to gracefully glide over the lake as a beautiful, elegant swan, my feet are paddling like mad beneath the surface, to keep going.

To add to my frustration, my right shoulder has been hurting again, which has been rather irritating. And last, but not least, I baked a Chocolate Chip Pecan Pie tonight, and consumed a big, fat slice. That ought to really show up on the scale tomorrow! It certainly tasted good though. I actually made four pies in all, to deliver as birthday gifts to friends. While I was sabotaging my good eating habits, at least I was serving others. That was my justification, apparently.


Heidi said…
Sounds like you are kinf of stressed- I think you deserved that slice of pie!

Lost is such a wierd show. I have to watch it yet I have nothing to really say about it because honestly I have no idea whats going on.

I didn't watch the recap thing last night but the new episode was same as always- introducing new information and new characters and without the tiniest bit of what any of it means. I guess we know that Juliette (and all the "others") came on the island to work in experimental medicine... although why is she the only doctor if that is why all the others are there?
I LOVE LOST STILL! But I know, I'm a little lost too. I hate how they just get me all worked up and anxious just to tease me and leave me hanging again. Oh well :)
Julie said…
Kelly - I can completely relate to how you feel! Paddling like crazy beneath the surface is me...every day! It's very challenging to juggle everything but you do a wonderful job and are an amazing woman! :)
Barker family said…
Sounds like you are burning way more calories than a silly piece of pie. Every so often you have to give in to sweets, or else you will give up all together. You always amaze me Kelly with all that you can accomplish!
Just Julie said…
Amazing commentary on Lost, and dead on too. You nailed it. Tom wants to give up on the show and I am still intrigued, even though I make fun of almost every line uttered on the show. I need to get hooked on another show. I have been trying out American Idol and have had second thoughts about it. I feel kind of guilty laughing at all of the talentless goofballs on the show. Tom refuses to watch it, so that's no fun. Maybe I will start watching the Office with Madison, Morgan and Nathaniel.
You do need to start floating or you will sink, and not because of the slice of pie you ate.
Thanks for entertaining me today.

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