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Christopher started guitar lessons today

On Easter, Mark and Monica's family joined us for an impromptu dinner after church and we got a bit more acquainted with their family. Mark, a professional musician, mentioned that he teaches guitar lessons, then Christopher looked directly at me with a big smile on my face and didn't even have to say what he was hoping for.

On Monday, after piano lessons, Kelly surprised Christopher with a brand new Fender electric guitar and amp, and what ever else one might need to take guitar lessons. Today on the way to Mark's for his very first lesson, I asked Christopher how he was feeling. He said, "I have butterflies in my stomach."

Mark spent most of the lesson introducing Christopher to his new instrument, telling him what everything is called, and how it all works. He taught him how to play an A chord too. Christopher has done very well with piano and will continue with both lessons. You never know when you might have a future rock star in your family! (I should know!) I still remember when Billie Joe recorded his first little record when he was an adorable 5-year-old with blond curly locks of hair singing "Look for Love," with my other cousins Marci, Holly, and Anna (his sisters) as background vocalists. Now I have a Grammy-winning world famous cousin, and it all started with his parents supporting his music passion as a little boy.

Unfortunately, Lindsey was pretty sad when I vetoed her request to take guitar lessons too. She already has a packed schedule with high school, seminary, choir, piano, driving lessons, babysitting, youth dances, 9th grade math--which takes about an hour every night for homework. For now, she's got enough on her plate. I am sure that she'll be able to take guitar lessons sometime if she really wants to, but just not now.

One final comment on the first lesson. Afterwards, Christopher told Mark that his fingers were sore. Mark and I looked at each other and chuckled, then he told Christopher how he'd get used to it, and how his fingers will get calloused. That sounds painful! Then Mark said sometimes people quit after that because they say, "my fingers hurt," he said in a whimpy, whiney voice. Christopher thought that was funny.


Lonna said…
That is so exciting. I am so glad that you are such a supportive mom. I am sure that something great will come of these lessons.
Yay for Christopher! He looks so excited in those photos. I'm excited for my boys to start piano lessons-- I think we'll start in August.
Hi! I found your blog by clicking on a link on a friends blog and then another link and then another link (I really should just go to bed). Anyhow, Mark--your sons guitar teacher--and I were in the same student ward in college! Imagine my surprise when I saw his picture on your posting! What a small world!

By the way--your cards are SO cute. What talent!
Kelly said…
Hi, East Coast Bosleys. It's a small world for sure. I've come across people I know that way too. I'll tell Mark the fun coincidence. Thanks for the compliment on the cards too!
Barker family said…
guitar lessons...soemthing I've always wanted to do. Perhaps in my future life (the one without a toddler)! yay Christopher!
Julie V said…
Congrats on the new guitar Christopher, it looks fun.

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