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Could my sister be any more sweet?

Kelly flew from a technical conference in Boston on Monday through Thursday to Salt Lake City to have my brother-in-law give him a root canal on Friday. (He said it actually went great and did not hurt at all because Tom is such a good endodontist.) In return, Kelly helped Tom and Julie with all their technical issues, built a new computer, helped with their iTunes, etc. They loved having my husband's help too.

So when Kelly flew home last night, my sister, who is much BETTER than Martha Stewart, sent Kelly on the airplane with a loaf of freshly home baked bread. What a wonderful surprise that was. Julie has baked bread for her family for twenty years and never buys store-bought bread. She does it all--grinds the wheat to make the flour, adds all the healthy things to it like flaxseed, etc. She's amazing and my idol.

My sister is an extraordinary chef and even appeared one morning on a cooking segment on a Salt Lake news program where she was invited to share her recipe for a homemade creamy tomato soup--with tomatoes and herbs she grew from her garden. She truly is a a talented homemaker and mother of five wonderful kids (in my unbiased opinion). I adore my little sister. Thank you so much for for the bread, Julie. She also sent some homemade salsa, but I haven't cracked that open yet.


Summer Adams said…
Oooooh....homemade bread AND homemade salsa.....sounds amazingly delicious. What a doll your sister is!!!
Lonna said…
I think that looks so yummy. My mom is also one of those people. We always had homemade bread, I have to say that sometimes I was jealous of the kids with the store bought kind, but now I wish that I had taken notes on how to make it. I am so glad that you have a sister that you love so much. What a lucky girl you are.
Bobbi said…
Isn't it great to have family? Hope the root canal went fine for Kelly, I've had a couple and once the anesthetic didn't work (medieval torture!). How I envy your having a computer whiz--I have a guy I pay to come over to teach us things and to fix all the issues. Have a good week!
Heidi said…
Do you have that recipe for the tomato soup? I would love if you shared it!

I dream of making all my bread. That picture is making me salivate- what kind is it exactly?
Julie V said…
Thank you sis for the kind words. I'm blushing right now. I think I make so many things from scratch because I am lazy. I would rather use the ingredients I have in my house than go to the store and buy it. Weird! The bread is 100%whole wheat, I threw in some fresh rolled oats (yes, I have a cute little roller that does it), chopped up raisins (I don't like the squishyness of whole ones), and a handful of sunflower seeds. Any bread recipe is good, I just like to add stuff, I can never follow a recipe. My husband is great at making bread machine bread. He came up with the raisin idea. And he hates raisins. They add some texture and sweetness and nutrition. I usually put in flax seed, but we ran out. Oh, I also put in some cracked wheat kernels.
If you would like the recipe for my Autumn Harvest Tomato Soup, I will send it to Kelly and she can forward it to you.
Heidi said…
I would love that thanks!!
Kelly said…
Heid, I told Julie to just add it to her blog and she thought that would be a good idea. I'll let you know when it's there. She's the "My Purple Room" link.
I'm so glad the airport security didn't confiscate that stuff. Actually, I'm kinda surprised they didn't, just so they could eat it themselves!!
I love homemade bread. Alas, I cannot make it to save my life...

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