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We got LOST on Wednesday night

I have plenty of activities and events of this past week to comment on and share, and will attempt to catch up, one post at a time as quickly as I can squeeze time in for it. I'll start off with this fun invitation. We were invited to a really enjoyable dinner party to watch the season finale of LOST on Wednesday night, and encouraged to come as a character from the television series. There were four couples attending and we had an incredible feast. The food was so delicious, but my only wish was that I had been more hungry since there was so much to choose from. Everything was so incredibly tasty and plentiful and Christine and Mike were awesome hosts. I was grateful they invited us to their gorgeous new home to watch the last night of Lost until January 2008.
Jeremy's fake tattoo was a decent attempt at Dr. "Jack's" body art.
The Dharma pantry was impressive and just the right touch for getting us into the Lost mindset.
Amy came as "Sun" as her native Asian genes were the perfect match. She showed up with a lovely, assorted tray of sushi, which we savored.
Daniella "Rousseau," otherwise known as Karen, arrived at the dinner party with "Ben's" late father, Roger, "Work Man" at her side. (In real life, John previously worked as Mike's boss, years ago. Karen and John get together every week to watch Lost with Christine and Mike.)
Check out the Dharma brand root beer that "Roger and Rousseau" brought. Karen also made a delicious sweet and savory tomatillo dish to serve with the fish tacos, along with a veggie tray from "Sun's garden."
Here's our poor attempt at coming as "Claire" and "Charlie." Kelly is indeed a musician, but came directly from work and didn't so much as have a guitar with him or his knuckles wrapped as character props. I did manage to borrow one of Lindsey's dolls, and removed the dress and bonnet to transform her into an "Aaron," and then borrowed Christopher's cherished blue blankie to swaddle my tv baby in.
Here are the hosts with the most--Mike and Christine. They moved from the Cedar Park ward into our ward a few months ago and we look forward to getting to know them better and already have a date for the season opening of Lost in January to see with them. Doesn't Christine make a cute "Kate" and Mike a mean looking "Mikhail?" We had an enjoyable night out and loved the clever idea for a party.

Now for my commentary on the finale: "future" Jack is really messed up. I am not really sure what to think of his flash-forwards. Are they real? It didn't make sense with him mentioning his dad. I'm not sure where the show is going, but it was a pretty good ending. Not fantastic, but it kept my interest. It was funny when Hurley came plowing through in the VW van to save everyone and also when Rousseau smacked Ben and had a look of satisfaction. I'm still a fan of the show and hope the writers do a good job for the next season. I was sad to see Charlie not put up a fight to survive and accept his fate as Desmond had foretold. I still don't trust Juliette. I was annoyed at Jack for waiting until Kate saw Juliette plant a kiss on him, to finally express his love for Kate. I'm guessing that Ben might be the one in the funeral home where nobody showed up. Or maybe Locke? Who knows. I've got several months to find out.


Summer Adams said…
I'M SO BUMMED WE MISSED THAT!!! I was way too busy trying to pack, get Josh packing for his trip, and deal with Brooklyn's screaming from her teething. Ugh! Plus I had a few clients put in urgent orders that morning so I was up past midnight. I'm glad y'all had fun! That sounds awesome.
Heidi said…
Oh my gosh that is the cutest idea! I love it!!! So fun what they did with all the food and dharma logo. Love it.

So many crazy things in the finale this year- I was also disappointed Charlie didn't put up a fight at the end...
Lonna said…
That is so clever. I am glad that you took lots of pictures I think that you make a great Claire. I have many little thoughts and concerns for the upcoming seasons as well, and I pointed out to James about Jack's dad being mentioned multiple times as well. Hmmmm? I guess we will just have to wait and see.

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