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Lindsey's new heart throb, Craig

Lindsey met Craig at school in their geography class and he's a year ahead of her in school since he moved here last year from New Jersey and had not taken the freshmen requirement yet. Craig and Lindsey talk on the phone non-stop. I have no idea what they can possibly keep talking about for so long. He's a nice guy, it's just weird to me to have someone be so crazy about my daughter. Last night, he came to our house for dinner, and was crushed when it was time to go home. He's like a love sick puppy. He's now a junior and she's a sophomore. He's 16 and she'll be 16 in July. This outdoor pic was last night before dinner in our backyard next to the woods. He's 6 feet tall and she's 4'11". She likes tall guys, which is just about anyone, since she's so small.
Last week was the first time I had met Craig, other than waving at him briefly when they were at driving school and I was in a rush to pick her up (since it was Enrichment Night). I suggested she invite him to the youth fireside, so she did. I wanted to make sure he felt like he fit in and talked to him on the phone to ask him if he had any khakis and a collared shirt. This was last Sunday afternoon. He didn't, but later that night when Lindsey and I showed up to get up, his mom had bought a new outfit that day for him to wear so he'd have some "dressy" clothes. I tried to explain what a fireside was and called the youth leaders to find out what the topic would be. It was interesting, but maybe not the best first introduction to the church. The topic was "how to prepare a talk for Sacrament." He seemed to have enjoyed the evening...anything is nice as long as he's with Lindsey. (I'm trying to remain calm here.)
As I had mentioned, Lindsey invited Craig to dine with us last night. It turns out that Craig is an extremely picky eater, and he feels really bad about it. Since I was gone all day at scout camp, I relied on Lindsey to help get a lot of food prep ready for me. She did well and was a big help. Here's the entrée we served. We had pork chops in a creamy garlic sauce that were really good.

Lindsey prepared these wonderful roasted red potatoes.
I mixed up this salad that had spring mixed greens, strawberries, tomatoes, toasted pine nuts, red onion, a bit of blue cheese, and a balsamic vinaigrette dressing. It was so good, but I was already expecting Craig to not eat the salad because he told Lindsey he doesn't like salad. (How can you NOT like salad?)
For dessert, I baked a streusel berry tart and served it a la mode. Craig said it was too sweet and threw away his entire slice of it, but did at least eat the vanilla ice cream. Basically the only thing he ate for dinner was the pork chop and a roll. He didn't even taste Lindsey's potatoes, which were about as basic as you can get. Oh well. I just hope she can be side-tracked socially with Zach (who lives in Taiwan 10 to 11 months of the year, and down the street from us the rest of that time) now that he's back in town. I love Zach. I've known him since he was a little boy in my Primary class. He'll be here until the end of July and I hope he can distract Lindsey from the long hours of phone calls from Craig. Is anyone ever good enough for your own child? I can't imagine it.


Lonna said…
Oh my goodness that dinner looks fantastic...I can't believe that he didn't even try everything. Oh well I guess that is his loss. I think that all parents feel that nobody is quite good enough for their kids, I know that my parents were really picky,but in the end I think that it all works out. Keep being picky and remind Lindsey to keep those standards super high. She will come out on top.
Kelly said…
Thanks, Lonna. I keep reminding her and she keeps reminding me that she has high standards...that and I will keep saying a lot of prayers that all that she's learned will kick in during the next ten years. She's a good daughter.
Summer Adams said…
Oh wow, can you FedEx me some of that delicious food!??? Wow, Kelly!
Heidi said…
That does look delish! I am sure I will be nearvous when my children begin dating, however I am also excited for them because it can be such a fun time. I will be the dorky mom that is spying out the front window to see the goodnight kiss.
Anonymous said…
Oh my goodness I would be sooooo embarrassed if my mom posted my love life on her blog! What if he sees this?! I would die of embarrassment!
Kelly said…
Dear Anonymous...

I actually hope he sees it. Then maybe he'll know that I would like to see him to eat his vegetables.

Besides, my daughter told him I thought he acted seems like a love sick puppy and has seen this post. She's the one who matters to me.

Your concern is from one who obviously doesn't understand me. Feel free to identify yourself.

--Lindsey's Mom
Kelly said…
And I thought nobody reads my blog. Thanks for validating me. At least if I keep it juicy, someone will!
Julie said…
Wow - I can't imagine when Sheridan is old enough to date. I don't think I'll handle it very well.

Kelly - I'm glad you're going through it first so you can give us pointers!

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