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Kelly 101

My friend, Jillian, made a list of 101 things about her on her blog and when I first saw the post, I thought it was REALLY long, but it was fun to read. It's late and my husband is out of town and I miss him, and am bored, so I'll see if I can come up with 101 things to write. Everyone can think of 101 things about themselves to write, right?
  1. I'm a rubber stamping fanatic and have been into card making for years.
  2. My entire black buffet in my hallway is filled with rubber stamps and I use them all the time. It's ridiculous how many I have.
  3. I have a postage stamp collection, hidden, somewhere that I haven't touched in years.
  4. I'm the middle child of five kids. There's Tracy, Marc, me, Valerie, then Julie.
  5. Last night when I was typing this list, I heard a sound and ran upstairs and went to bed because I was scared since Kelly is out of town.
  6. I make friends easily and like people.
  7. Our family moved a gazillion times when I grew up (like 50), which is probably why I learned to make friends easily.
  8. When I was a little girl (before I became a Mormon), I was smitten by Donny Osmond and had a huge crush on him.
  9. When I was a big girl, I saw the first Batman movie and got a crush on Michael Keaton. It didn't last very long, but my husband thought it was funny. He's now my Batman. LOL.
  10. Yams, cranberry sauce, beets, and acorn squash disgust me. I like most other veggies and lumped cranberry sauce in with this category since it seems like a package deal.
  11. When I was in kindergarten, the school photographer told me to say "peaches" instead of saying, "smile." The picture is lame and my lips are in a "ch" position. I have no idea why this thought popped into my head.
  12. Here are some more food facts about me. I love to bake and got a Kitchen Aid mixer just a couple of months before joining the Pampered Chef and it still works great. I highly recommend one for every kitchen.
  13. I am intrigued by languages and can say something in several different languages including of course, Dutch, having served a full-time LDS mission to the Netherlands, and Spanish, having taken this in junior high and high school. I can say random things in French, Italian, Swahili, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Farsi.
  14. I love pecan pie.
  15. Wow, this is hard. I'm only at 15. Okay...I'm going to stop thinking as hard.
  16. I like my birthday.
  17. I don't hold grudges.
  18. I forgive quickly.
  19. I like to drink buttermilk occasionally. I sprinkle salt and pepper in it. It grosses Kelly out.
  20. I graduated from The University of Colorado School of Journalism.
  21. I didn't start college until after my mission.
  22. I started college at Brigham Young University.
  23. I was initially turned down from BYU.
  24. I applied and got accepted to the University of Utah.
  25. About two weeks before school started, I got a call from BYU saying they had more openings and I could go there, so I did. Never went to the U.
  26. I met my husband that first semester at the Y.
  27. We got married the following year.
  28. I like biscuits and gravy for breakfast.
  29. I miss my grandma's homemade banana nut ice cream.
  30. She died when I was living in Belgium in my first city on my mission.
  31. I like fried okra.
  32. I'm an Okie, having been born in Oklahoma City on a Tuesday at St. Anthony's hospital.
  33. I like my height (5'8"), but am never happy with my weight (125 lbs.). LOL
  34. I love Indonesian food.
  35. I like to sew.
  36. I'm pretty good at it.
  37. I got burned out on it several years ago when I started a biz where I designed and tailored little girls' dresses. They were gorgeous dresses, but I couldn't compete with the Chinese manufacturers.
  38. I've had a lot of jobs in the past.
  39. I've worked since I was fourteen years old.
  40. My siblings and I are all close. We have gotten together to celebrate each of our birthdays when we've turned 40 and will start the cycle again when each of us turns 50.
  41. My current favorite Pampered Chef item is the 9" bread knife, forged cutlery for $65. And the 7" Santuko knife for $70. They're awesome.
  42. I've personally sold about a half million dollars worth of kitchen tools since I started.
  43. I've recruited more than 200 consultants in my career.
  44. My team has sold millions of dollars of kitchen tools.
  45. I was once named the top in the company in developing directors and have appeared in two of the company's catalogs.
  46. I've earned four trips for two to Europe with The Pampered Chef (London, Barcelona, Munich, and Rome.)
  47. I've earned four cruises for two as well, two Alaskan and two Caribbean.
  48. I've earned trips in the US to Washington, D.C., Orlando, San Diego (twice), Phoenix, and Chicago (multiple times).
  49. The founder of The Pampered Chef, Doris Christopher, is such a remarkable woman to me, that I named my son after her.
  50. I like to dance.
  51. I stay up late.
  52. My husband stays up even later.
  53. I am not fond of mornings.
  54. I have more will power to control my eating than to exercise.
  55. I cracked my tail-bone when I was in 2nd grade while falling down in the parking lot of a bowling place.
  56. I had hepatitis in elementary school and missed two months of school. Everyone in the family had to get shots, but me. I just got to eat candy. I got sick of candy.
  57. I cannot donate blood as a result.
  58. I had a thyroidectomy when I was a newlywed, five months after marriage. Thought I was going to die of cancer, but obviously, was fine. I had an unattractive scar on my neck for a year, but now it's faded.
  59. I always wanted to have five kids.
  60. My kids are awesome.
  61. I am good at remembering people's names and faces.
  62. My dad lives in Oklahoma and just had cataract surgery. He makes friends easily too and I take after him in that respect.
  63. My mom lives in Utah and is the youngest surviving child of twelve kids in their family.
  64. I love living in Texas.
  65. Kelly and I have been homeowners to three brand new homes, all of which we had built.
  66. The apartment (Riverlodge) and town home we lived in prior to our first and last house being constructed were also brand new. The last five places we have lived have been brand new. Clearly, I like new places.
  67. I won 100 gallons of gas from a drawing in high school when I was a sophomore.
  68. I lettered in cross country and now have knee pain, so I don't run.
  69. I can't believe how hard it is to come up with 101 things about me--I thought it would be easy.
  70. I used to know shorthand and was pretty good at it. Does it still exist today?
  71. Because my parents have been divorced (multiple times) and most of my aunts and uncles have, when I was dating, I wanted to find a guy with parents who had not divorced. Kelly's parents passed the test and they've been great role models for stability.
  72. I like to spend time with Kelly, even if we're just in the same room doing different things. His presence is comforting to me.
  73. I love the Food Network and have it on more than any other channel.
  74. I like to bike ride.
  75. I don't like living in cold weather climates. Air conditioning in hot climates beats blizzard conditions to me any day.
  76. I don't fear death. (Knock on wood!)
  77. I like country music.
  78. I wish I had unlimited access on an airline to visit my family members any time.
  79. I'm somewhat generous.
  80. I don't like tight-wads.
  81. I don't like discussing politics with others because it's frustrating.
  82. I love to go on walks, especially when my feet don't hurt.
  83. I like to water ski.
  84. I like to snow ski.
  85. I like to hike.
  86. I like babies.
  87. I don't let my kids walk outside barefooted.
  88. I'm kind of strict at parenting.
  89. I have a great relationship with my kids.
  90. My husband is a gentle parent and I'm the tough one.
  91. I am paranoid of germs in hotels and cover up chairs, etc., before sitting on them.
  92. I wash my hands a lot.
  93. I get cranky when I'm hungry or tired.
  94. I love to go out to eat with friends.
  95. I like to entertain and host parties.
  96. I don't mind waiting to clean up the mess after a party until the next day.
  97. I like things to be balanced and straight.
  98. My husband just called and when I hear his ringtone, I get all excited that he's calling me. He comes home from Colorado tonight. Yay!
  99. I love Texas football and hope to go to a few games this fall. Hook 'em Horns!
  100. I love my life and am grateful for all my blessings.
  101. I'm a God-fearing woman and love being a Latter-day Saint.

Holy cow. That was hard to do! Of course this was not all-inclusive, nor in any particular order. Just random thoughts from my brain. I hope my friends will do this on their blogs! Congrats to any of you who actually read it all.


Lonna said…
Kelly that was fantastic. I came up with a list for James' mom on her birthday and it is fun to do for other people too...mind you I did not do 101. I really enjoyed reading all the fun facts about YOU! Thanks a lot for the post.
I get a congratulations because I read it all! And it was so fun to read! Thanks for sharing all that fun stuff. BTW, I LOVE fried okra too. Isnt' it the best?
Julie V. said…
good stuff, especially the part about the buttermilk
Bobbi said…
This was so fun to get to know my new friend better! Perhaps I will tackle the same project some time.
Kelly said…
Yes, Bobbi! You need to do this. I would LOVE to read your list!
Summer Adams said…
WOW! A lot of info but soooo fun to read! Thanks for giving a sick girl something fun to read today :)
Julie said…
Wow - very cool! That was fun to read all of those facts about you! I'll work on a 101 list for my blog.
LaNan said…
very fun! I love fried okra too! Must be an okie thing.
Heidi said…
Fun to read Kelly! That would be hard to come up with.

I am sure glad you got into BYU after all- I am wondering how you started at BYU but graduated in Colorado? Was that in there? if it was I missed it.
Kelly said…
Heidi, Kelly graduated from BYU, then went to CU Boulder for his Master's, so I transferred there.

I hope you come up with a list! Do it when you're bored and it's not so bad. It's fun to read others lists. I hope your mom does one too.
~ Tina said…
Omgosh! WOW!
That was fun to read, and must have been SUPER hard... but I especially like how random the thoughts were!
oh yeah, I agree with Kelly, that buttermilk sounds gross! And... you'll have to make me fried okra sometime. Isn't it sort of slimy/sticky?
Kelly said…
Tina, fried okra is not slimy at all. Boiled okra is. I promise to make fried okra if you come visit me!
That was so fun Kelly. I feel like I know you a little better. I had a smile on my face the whole time reading it!

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