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Kelly's Computers 'R' Us

Kelly (not me, but my husband) is heading to Colorado for the weekend.This was taken in the line at Casa Bonita in Denver when we went there for spring break. It's Kelly with his two sisters and all ten of our kids together, half of which are/will be adopted. (Each of the three siblings has adopted one or two kids. Kelly and I started a contagious trend.)Kelly is rescuing his two sisters' (Debbie and Brenda) computer crisis at their physical therapy clinic this weekend. Their current system, which he always helps out with when he's in Colorado, has gotten to the point of no return. In other words, some of their employees may not return unless their computer problems are solved asap. So last week, Kelly ordered three grand worth of computer equipment and has spent just about every spare moment he's had this week building new computers for their office in our game room, on a long conference table and will be flying out there over the weekend to install everything.

So, it looks like my Friday night date will be with my two kids tonight. That is fine because Lindsey has been away at girls camp all week and I look forward to having her home. We will probably watch a movie and eat popcorn in the gameroom after it's put back to normal...............................................................................................
After more than 20 years of marriage, I can give a fairly accurate prediction of how my husband's weekend will go with his family. Kelly will arrive in Denver Friday night and will get a good night's rest and go to bed at a decent hour, which he only does when he stays at his parents' home. Then bright and early, the first thing Saturday morning after his mom awakens him with a nice breakfast as she always does, he will go for a quick water ski. Either my mother-in-law or my father-in-law will have the boat ready to take him out around the lake (which is in their backyard).

He will then come in, head to the clinic all day and most likely, his dad will go with him as reinforcement. One of his sisters will be available to give feedback on what needs to be done and possibly treat patients in between, while the two brothers-in-law will plot and plan about whether or not Kelly will have time to get in a round of golf with them. Most likely, he will not have time, but arrangements will be made for when Kelly flies out there again in about two weeks. (They will play golf the next time, I predict. Joel will win. He always does.)

Then the whole family including Kelly's parents, his two sisters and their husbands, and all eight of their kids (four each) will meet back later that evening for more water skiing and fun at Grandma and Grandpa's house, with a home-cooked dinner by Grandma. Kelly will go to church with his parents the next day, but most likely, they will not stay the whole block, but leave after Sacrament meeting. Kelly will go back to work at the clinic and work throughout the day until everything is running smoothly. That night when he goes back to his parents' house, some local relatives, aunts, uncles, and cousins, will stop by to say "hi" to Kelly. Some will gather around the kitchen table and play board games like Acquire. Mike will win. He usually does.

Then on Monday, it will be "more of the same" as Saturday until Kelly needs to head to the airport, to go back home to Austin where we will all be happy to see him. We will then fill him in on all the excitement he missed out on at home, while he was away, including our stake Pioneers and Patriots activity, and how Lindsey's camp was. Debbie and Brenda will be extremely thankful for their big brother and he'll be glad he could help. I'll let you know how close my prediction was after the weekend is over, before anyone congratulates me on my psychic skills.


This was actually really funny to me! I can do the same for Brent when he hangs out with his family!!

And about the iron, it's a rowenta iron. It's amazing. I love it. It's a little pricier than most irons, but SO worth it. I get excited to iron now which makes me a total nerd, but I'm ok with that!!
Lonna said…
I have to say that I think that most wives could play this game...I know exactly what James would do at his parents home as well...and let me tell you that it is not that exciting. I am excited to hear how close your predictions are.
~ Tina said…
cracked up at this!
Loved how you also predict exactly which family member will win at golf as well as the board game champ! Too fun!!!
Heidi said…
Oh my goodness Caso Bonita (photo)! My family lived in Denver for 5 years (during my dad's residency, before I was born) and everytime we would go back and visit we had to go to Casa Bonita! Do they still have cliff divers? I love that place.
Kelly said…
Heidi, yes, they still have cliff divers. It's just like it used to be, a kid's fantasy restaurant. It was was to go to.

Tina, yes, Austin is in our ward.

Paige, thanks for the iron scoop. Now I'll have to get one to be a nerd too.

Lonna, I'll tell you as soon as he's back!
Wow, I still remember going to his families house with you when I came to visit with Petra. That was so much fun, and it sounds like not all that much has changed, except that his sisters are married now. So cool that all of you have adopted kids. Great example, who knows I might follow one day.
Kelly said…
Yay! I got a comment from my friend in The Netherlands! Thanks, Paula. It's so nice to hear from you.
Anonymous said…
Ha, i remember wakking all the way from Kansas to Colorado...
Bobbi said…
Like Heidi said, we love Casa Bonita, too. Our years in Denver were happy ones, and that place is big in our memories. BTW, skiing on which lake?
Cherry Creek?
Kelly said…
That anonymous comment was from my son. My kids walked across the border when we were driving home to say they walked from Colorado to Kansas. It was about 1/3 mile trek and they loved it. I took pictures in front of each state sign.

Bobbi, the little lake we ski on is in husband's parents' backyard, about an hour north of Denver.

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