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My personal assistant

Now that my foot is supposed to be having a break (no pun intended), I am so glad that Lindsey is home and can help me. She's awesome. She painted my one wall in my office that I've been wanting to have repainted for seven years. She taped the trim off and painted everything neatly except for the very top, which she couldn't reach. Hopefully Kelly can do that for me tonight.
I'm so sick of this faux finish and was thrilled to finally get the solid yellow on it. Good job, Lindsey.


~ Tina said…
glad you're keeping busy... good job Lindsey!
btw, I noticed on the other blog that you got nominated and I read your comment to her. Funny!
i have a few things around here i could use your assistant for you if she is available!!!

glad you have helpers. christopher looked very handsome in his suit today.
Bobbi said…
What a great daughter! I am sure you are glad to have the kids home. And about your foot--what a bad deal. Take care and get it well soon. Don't even mention the centipede. That was the grossest thing I have seen (except Sherm's cadaver in med school). I can't believe you were brave enough to get a picture!!! And then kill it yourself! What a pioneer woman you are!
Lonna said…
I am glad that you are getting some help around there. I think that once you start thinking about a project it just gets more and more irritating until it is finished. And now look you are almost free of it. Good work.
Heidi said…
Oh so did you find out your foot was broken? I was wondering what had caused that- ouch!
Julie V. said…
Go Lindsey!
That looks so much better.

Your foot looks puffy..ouch
Brook said…
The anticipation of your new office is killing me. Plaese hurry things up so I can look at the final result. Oh, and sorry about your foot. And that centipede far outwins for grossness. I had to show everyone that picture...nasty!
Julie said…
How sweet of Lindsey to help you out! Can I borrow her when you're done? ;) How is your foot doing now?
ninnies said…
eww! Those are the grossest pictures of me that I've ever seen! =P
Sorry, just had to say...
still love you!
ninnies said… can tell i've lost weight when you look at these pictures. :0
it's shocking

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