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Sneak preview

Have patience, Little Butterfly (aka, Tina). I'm working, sorting, shopping for containers. It's a big job transforming my piles of crap into something functional, organized and not an eyesore. I found these little jars and CD holder baskets at Target. I've been to three different Targets in search of the right sizes! Isn't it festive to have my ribbons sorted in the jars by color?


~ Tina said…
Oh goody!
I've been checking all day, so thanks for the "preview" - YES! those jars look good, and appear to hold the "spool" of ribbon, as well as scraps (nice open mouth to those jars!) I'm still trying to decide if I want to unwind all my ribbons and re-wind them onto those clothespins???

Keep going, I want to see more!
signed... little Butterfly.
Robin said…
I love the jars! The whole arrangement looks great. Are you sure you're not going to need another bookshelf to put next to this one? I'm just thinking about your Stampin' Up wish list. :)
Bobbi said…
The furniture is beautiful--what fun! And the ribbons look colorful and organized in the jars. What a fun project.
I am glad you got to have your dream vacation, with some time alone to relax, focus, organize, and... sacrifice. Why does that always seem to happen? When Sherm and Marshall went to Scout Camp one summer, the same thing happened to me--"Hi, could you help someone out?" Yes, of course, but tough. It sounds like you did a great job. What a good example to us all.
Lonna said…
I think that the shelves are coming along great. I too have a few of those jars and I love them. I also found some great jars at the container store near the arboretum if you are still looking for more. I also think that looks great with the ribbon in there. keep up the good work.
looks great. now come and decorate my place!
Julie said…
It's looking great Kelly! Keep the wonderful ideas coming...I'm taking notes! ;)

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