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Game day pics

The first game of the season was great fun and the University of Texas Longhorns beat Arkansas State 21-13. It had poured down rain the night before and I was expecting rain at the game, but it was a perfectly dry night.
These seats in the south end zone pictured above were added last year. More seats were added this year, and the construction will continue to add more seating in the north end zone area.
We've always had seats on the east side of the stadium where the sun shines on and it's toasty warm. The sun started to set part way through the game and it was actually very pleasant outside.
The band usually faces the opposite side and we don't get the best view, but they're still fun to watch. Everyone wears burnt orange. Except the kid in front of us, that is.
This was an exciting moment when the football players first ran out into the stadium, while showing this video footage on the giant screen that made it seem like longhorns (the four-legged type) were running in toward us, then transforming into Longhorns (the football player type), with this steamy smoke-like special effect as they ran onto the field while the fans cheered wildly.

This was during the game. Arkansas State did better than I thought they would do. The had about fifty people there (probably a few more than that, but it's what it seemed like), compared to more than 85,000 UT fans.
Kelly dropped me off as close as he could, so I wouldn't have to walk as much with my stupid foot with the stress fracture, but I still had to hike a long way. Not nearly as long as he did though.
We sat next to two cute young girls, Allison and Emily, (18-years old) from Houston who are seniors in high school. Their dads have season tickets and they're seats are one row down and about 8 seats over. They were very silly and entertaining and took several pictures of themselves in different parts of the game. I don't think they took any of the direction of the field though. But we did the opposite and took none of ourselves and all toward the field.
This was after the game, walking back to the Pathfinder. Kelly left me nearby, and drove to pick me up. What a thoughtful kind of guy. Thanks, Honey.
Kelly took this picture of the capitol after the game. We then headed to Chili's for appetizers. It was a fun date and we relished each other's company. I used that word the other day (relished) and Lindsey thought it sounded strange, like hot dog relish. Now it sounds sort of odd to me.
  • Yay BYU for winning!
  • Hooray to the Buffs for beating CSU too.
  • Sorry, Uncle Tom, that your team (U of U) didn't win.
  • Yay to all my family who are all big Sooner fans for the OU win.
  • Way to go, UCLA's Ben Olson, for a nice start to the new season. I'm cheering for you.
  • And my biggest round of applause for Saturday's college football goes to Appalachian State for putting Michigan to shame! What an upset!


Family Life said…
I've never seen so much burnt orange in my life!! That looks like a lot of fun. I would love to experience a UT game sometime! These fans are SERIOUS!!
looks like a ton of fun. I'm sure the kid in blue didn't feel awkward at all!!

Glad you could enjoy the game and glad the weather worked out well.
Bobbi said…
Hook 'em, Horns! How fun that you got to go to the game--college football is exciting! We had some U of Texas fans in our U of U ward, besides the connection of Heidi and Ben living there, so we cheer for them, too. We like Ben Olsen, too, but there will be no conflict in our hearts next week when he is up against the Y!
Heidi said…
Kelly we cannot cheer for Ben Olson if you are a true blue Cougar fan- he is a traitor!
Kelly said…
Well, I'll cheer for Ben O's success, but I'll cheer for BYU's that? I guess the opportunity was better for him in Southern California.
Lonna said…
What a fun night. I am glad that they won. I bet that the games will get nicer weather wise as it turns to fall...oh wait a second is there a fall here?
Julie said…
I had no idea you were such a huge college football fan. I'm glad you had fun at the game. The JB and Sandy morning show on 94.7 have a segment (I guess you can call it that in radio) where they "talk" to Coach Brown every Friday. I have yet to officially find out who it is imitating Coach Brown but I think it's JB. is always hysterical and totally cracks me up!
~ Tina said…
We are getting into the fall football season as well. Ryker & David are in a "fantasy" NFL league, so that is fun, and Jordan & Ryker argue a LOT about their favorite college teams.
What a fun night that appears to have been!
Brook said…
I have no other place to ask this here goes...what about your office? I am still wondering how it turned out. Sorry, I like football, just totally not into stats, etc. So, an update on your office please!
Brook said…
Oh, one more thing...that stadium looks like so much fun! I would love to go to one of the games.
Summer Adams said…
Oh, STOP!!!!! You're making me homesick!!!

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