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Mum's the word

Today is homecoming at my daughter's high school. In my youth, I moved around a lot and went to a ton of different schools, and had to call my friend, Tammy, whom I graduated from high school with to ask her if we had this odd tradition at our alma mater. She said we did, but I know it's nothing like here in Texas! Geez. This is the most unusual thing to me. The girls especially get into this giving and receiving of "mums," as they refer to them. They are basically large award looking ribbons with a fake chrysanthemum in the center, bedazzled with all kinds of ribbons and little plastic trinkets to show school spirit. It's kind of a popularity contest in a way, some girls at school will be covered in mums that they received from friends. It's a huge racket too! They cost a fortune at Michael's and many stores around town have jumped on the mum bandwagon to cash in on the school pride.I'm a sucker. I only have one daughter, and she's got three more years of high school, so I wanted to make it a homecoming day to remember for her at school, so we headed to the local Mike's and began to fill the cart. Of course, waiting until the night before homecoming is never the best route, so next year, someone please remind me of this. Because the smaller "bases" were sold out, we went with these massive ones (at $17 a pop!) and got one for each of Lindsey's four girlfriends in her early morning seminary class, plus one for her. One can make the whole thing from scratch if you feel so inclined, but I didn't think I'd save any money as the price gauging was going on, and time certainly wasn't on my side at 15 minutes before closing time, with a daughter who still had a big homework project to complete.
The helpful employee at Michael's suggested that I cover the ribbons with a damp towel to iron out the waves or wrinkles, but she neglected to tell me they'd shrivel up and curl into spiral straws as a result. Oh well. They still look better than the waves. Plus by the time I embellish them, these background ribbons will hardly be visible. (Scroll up and back at these last two pics and see if you'd agree.)

We picked out these "awesome" trinkets that I tied on using my silver cord (thanks, Danielle).

And more ribbons, as if there weren't enough, and the mums. Lindsey also made some adorable little W's (for Warriors) with two little feathers out of shrinky dink plastic, to hang those from each mum.

The mums made my chandelier look festive and Halloweenish. Or should I say Halloweeny?

Here's the finished product. I finished my homework and Lindsey finished hers. This is why I always look forward to summers, because I need a break too!
You really cannot tell how long these are without being attached to a person. Lindsey's goes from her shoulder to her ankles almost. I'll be sure to take pictures at the football game with Lindsey wearing her mum. It would be nice to get a group shot in the morning at seminary, but that would require me getting out of my car in my pajamas and walking inside the building. It could happen. Her choir will sing the National Anthem and the school song prior to kickoff.
The things we do for our kids. It must be love. I love you, Lindsey!


f said…
I got one of these my sophmore year of HS back in the day. Back then they used fresh mums and the ribbons had little cow bells and letters on them. Lots of glitter too. It was really beautiful! I know all your efforts will certainly make your daughter and her friends feel so "cool" for home
coming. ....La Nan's mom :)

How's this for a blast from the past...Bro Vawter (Beneficial Finance??) is selling a house for us. He had many complimentary things to say about you. Small world
I have never heard of that! We didn't do that at our high school, but i bet it's fun!
Bobbi said…
What an interesting tradition--but you have to go with it when it is "the " thing to do. You're a good mom! And I like "Halloweeny" best;-)
Heidi said…
Wow I never heard of that tradition, must be a Texas thing. Were they orange and black for Halloween or are those the school colors?
Kelly said…
Their high school colors are orange and white. Black is a color they throw into the mix to make it more interesting. I think it's fun that homecoming is around Halloween because it matches the decor so nicely.

Hi LaNan's mom. Tell Br. Vawter hello from me!

All the schools around here do this crazy thing. The supplies in Michael's had colors and ribbons to keep the nearby schools stocked up too.

The girls were thrilled this morning and I did get a group picture. Lindsey promised the boys in her class cookies for next week.
Chris and Mandi said…

Chris told me all about that tradition too, since he grew up in Houston. I thought it was pretty strange too. But kind of a neat tradition. We just gave each other a corsage or bout. Yours look pretty amazing, my mom might want to hire you!
Robin said…
This post takes me back to my own days of Homecoming at WHS (or is it WWHS?) The mums were a fun tradition. I seem to remember my mom making one of these for me at some point, too, and I believe I still have one or two of mine stashed away at "home" with my old letter jacket and other memorabilia. The ones you made turned out lovely, Kelly. I can't wait to see pictures from the big game. Thanks for the memories. :)
Holly said…
So cute Kelly! Nice job. The mum thing is a new thing for me as well. It's too bad about all the price gauging. I can only imagine what it will be like when Kennedy is in HS. I wonder if we will still be in TX then. It sounds like a fun tradition though.
Lonna said…
How interesting. I have never heard of such a thing. way to be the best mom around and support your daughter...even at last minute. I know that is how a ton of things got done when I was growing up.
LaNan said…
We had homecoming mums too. But I don't thing it was as big as it is here. But everything's bigger in Texas. ;-)
Julie said…
I moved to Texas my sophomore year in high school from Arizona and when my new friends started talking about making mums for each other for homecoming I was CLUELESS! We did not do that back in was a whole new experience for me. Then my junior year my neighborhood was re-zoned to McNeil and our colors were navy blue and forest green. NONE of the craft stores got our colors right the first year! It was annoying!
~ Tina said…
I love the "walk down memory lane" this post brings out for so many, I'm having a good giggle over here in Seattle!

I can just see the ribbon 'shrivel' happen to me too - couldn't even tell when you were done!

Gotta go start a savings account for all these oddball expenses that are right around the corner for me and my 3 kids! (should I be relieved 2 of them are boys?)

And... to share another local tradition from this area, the "asker" to the major dances set up amazing surprises/banners/light-up-the-sky type of creative invitations to present to the "askee" when they set up dates. It's sure a lot of pressure on these kids, and I know a lot of moms who get pretty involved!

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