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My 200th post

It's Friday night, the most popular night for my cooking shows. However, when I'm not working I reserve this favorite day of the week for some sort of a date night with my darling husband. My brain just automatically tells me, "It's date night." Unfortunately, nine times out of ten, I end up with the Friday night blues because he's working too late (for my preference) and I'm at home getting antsy, eagerly awaiting his arrival. (Like tonight.)

Sometimes when I really want to waller in self pity (that's Okie for wallow), I start listening to Earl Thomas Conley (Once in a Blue Moon), John Conlee (Friday Night Blues), or Merle Haggard (Going Where the Lonely Go), or some other extreme country artist from the 1980s, for a good pick-me-up. If anything, it takes me back to my two-steppin' days when I used to kick up my heels on the dance floor at the Diamond Ballroom in Oklahoma City. (Man, I love to country dance.) I know there are a lot of people who detest this genre, but I just crave it. It's in my blood. Kelly used to completely hate listening to country music, but moving to Texas has helped him get more into it. So I'm listening to some sweet tunes right now, waiting for Kelly to get home.

When he gets here, since my throat is hurting from all the allergy season coughing and I only feel like vegging out, we're going to watch a movie or two. I thoroughly enjoy watching movies or shows previously recorded on our DVR on Friday nights with Kelly in our game room where the sound system is excellent and the seating is comfy. Let's see what's in my Netflix queue.

  1. Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

  2. The Astronaut Farmer

  3. The Queen

  4. World Trade Center
I've already seen the first one, so it looks like we'll be watching one of the above. Plus we have two Survivor eps to catch up on. For dinner, I'm setting up a sandwich bar where everyone builds her or his own deluxe sandwich. I can't eat a sandwich (unless I'm starving) that doesn't include lettuce, tomatoes, and onion, with a meat and cheese. I like to spread a little Miracle Whip on my wheat bread too. And, we bought some Ruffles potato chips and Borden's French Onion Dip to go with it. It's already 8:30 and I think the kids and I will start dinner without Daddy at home.

So that's about as exciting as it gets for my 200th post. After typing this, I actually feel better. There's no place like home. Plus my son, who stepped into my office a moment ago, agreed to dance one song with me. What a sweetheart. He did a pretty good job too! I'm off to the kitchen now for sandwiches.


ninnies said…
Hey Mom! WOOH HOO! It's your 200th
Pretty cool stuff.
Good job with the sandwiches. They were really good. I also like ruffles, yum.
I ♥ country music too.
Love you!
Robin said…
Probably just that one dance with your son made your entire night wonderful, didn't it? I hope my son will dance with me someday. Maybe he can teach me how first. :)
Julie said…
I guess I am one of those who just can't get into the country music genre. I absolutely can't stand it, but I think it is so cute that you do. It reminds me of you, just like when you hear Thompson Twins or Duran Duran, you think of me. We are both stuck in the 80's, just in different sections of the 80's! Ask Kelly next Friday to go to work early because you have a great night planned for him.
~Family Life said…
200th post! I'm impressed. The evening you have planned sounds great to me. I LOVE sandwiches and hanging out with Chris to watch movies. We've done that a lot lately.
Lonna said…
I think that is great that you have actual plans for the Friday nights, usually James and I just keep asking each other what we should do and then it ends up to be too late to do most of the stuff, so then we kill the rest of the evening with movies or random t.v. shows. Your sandwich bar sounds great, I love sandwiches.
LaNan said…
Gotta love a little Merle Haggard. My personal fav is Ramblin Man by Waylon Jennings. Now I'm craving sandwiches. I love turkey with avacado.
Mandi said…
200 posts kelly, that is awesome. I am a country girl at heart too Kelly, I love country dancing. I knew there was a reason why I loved you. Both sets of my grandparents moved to CA in the dust bowl from OK. Those movies sound good but it sounds like you were going to be up really late. Chris and I can stay up past 10:00, we are old folks (thats okie for old people.):)
200!! what a great time to celebrate!!

and that sounds like a great evening. sometimes by evening, all i want to do is just hang out!! let me know what movie you chose and how you liked it!

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