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Passport to who knows where

Good-bye, Passport Number Two. I'll miss you. No offense, but I'm turning you in for a new one. We've shared fond memories together. Not all of our international encounters were recorded, sadly. Those which are imprinted in your pages forever include stops at Schiphol (Amsterdam) on February 23, 1999, March 2, 1999, and August 27, 2002. There was also Munchen (Munich) on August 6, 2000, Heathrow (London) on February 23, 1995, and Rome on March 15, 2002, and Vancouver, B.C. on August 26, 1996.
I'm sorry I have to give you up. But you expired some time ago, and frankly, you're not very useful. I wish I could keep you around, but the only way I can ever get out of this place I'm in, is to move on, and wait for your replacement. You're going to be a tough act to follow, but as they say, "the third time's a charm." I hope your replacement will be as amazing as you've been, P2.
your loving Kelly


Heidi said…
Oh my gosh Kelly I get the same attachment to my passport- I have had a few in my life considering I had to have them starting at birth and get nostalgic each time I get a new one. I love the story they tell ;-)
Lonna said…
You are so funny. I am not so proud of my passport...but that is mainly because my picture is terrible!!! I love the places it has been, but not really that attached to it. I actually think that it is expired as well. Oh well I have no current plans to leave the country so I guess it is just fine.
Madison said…
I need to get a new one... mine expired a few years ago. Plus, my picture's a little dated-- I'm five in it! I'm hoping to go to Europe next year with my best friend, so I'd better get it soon.
Bobbi said…
I love the picture! And I feel the same about my passport since we have shared so many adventures together. It was fun to hear all the places you have been. That was one of the things I wanted to talk to you about when we met--I wanted to hear all about Scotland and your other travels! Thanks for sharing, and Happy Thanksgiving!
Kelly said…
Hi Bobbi,

We've never made it to Scotland, but we've been to Wales. Loved it! I want to go after seeing all your awesome pictures!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Summer Adams said…
lol, that's great! i should get mine out. it's getting old and i can't remember how bad my pic is in it....only that i'm tanner than a mexican because i was totally obsessed with tanning at the time. ha ha ha....ok, you've inspired me to go look at it and laugh at myself ;-) looove your hair, by the way! so great :)
ninnies said…
wow... that's an old photo of you. That passport must be expired! =]
Holly said…
Kelly you are so cute and funny! My passport has expired too and I will be sad to see it put to rest. I also have lots of fun stamps in mine and I doubt I'll ever see another passport like it for me because I was able to do a lot of traveling through Europe and SE Asia before I got married, plus my mission stamps from Guatemala. Ahh, fun times!
ninnies said…
I just realized that at the bottom of your passport, it says "CTR" ^_^ How cool is that?
Don't forget... "Mergie Rigit!"
Julie said…
You've been to some great places! I can't wait to hear were passport #3 takes you!

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