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We know where to find you!

Christopher's first day of kindergarten, on August 18, 2003. Our shrubs in front of the house have grown as much as he has since then.

My brother is a software engineer and yesterday he emailed me and the other three sisters (he's the only boy) and told us about something he and his tech-geek friends discovered. It's very cool in a way, and kind of creepy on the other hand. Check it out. Click here, then type in your address. Hit enter, then in the little white window, click street view to see a picture of your house and neighborhood. It's so bizarre to me. Apparently Google went around with a 360 degree camera strapped atop cars and took video of houses and neighborhoods all over the country. I looked up my sisters', brother's, in-laws' addresses and saw their homes as plain as day. Our home is kind of blurry, so I dug up this old one with a cute little redhead in it. I saw the boat in the driveway of Kelly's parents' home, plus our old Jeep that they bought from us. In another family member's home video, courtesy of Google, I can see that my sister-in-law must have been having a playgroup or meeting the day they dropped by unannounced because there were several vans parked in front of her house. You can click on the arrow and drive down the street virtually, following the white line, and use the arrows to turn it around to look all around you. Apparently Google is being sued because they photographed some private property. It blows my mind how much time, money, and effort this must have taken. In some of the angles, you can pan down on the image and actually see the vehicle that the photos were taken from. It's freaky!


Sierra said…
So apparently these pictures are not too recent. I looked up our address and our house isn't even there along with half our neighborhood. How fun! Have you tried google earth?
Kelly said…
I've come across several people and their houses are not on it, but several are. The ones I've looked up, I'd say I've had about three-fourths show up.

Yes, I've seen the satellite pics on Google earth. Those are pretty cool too.

I noticed that they went to the cold climates (like Colorado during boating season) in the summer time and the hot climates (like Las Vegas) in the winter time, because my sister's neighbor's house has an inflatable Santa in the yard. My brother in Utah can pinpoint exactly when they drove by within two weeks because he was painting his house and only part of it is painted.
Marc said…
Here's an article about the lawsuit:,2933,346770,00.html
Kelly said…
Thanks, Marc! I think this is your first time to officially comment on my blog.

Madison said…
Yeah, this is pretty fun to goof around on. I like wandering through Disneyland...
Maryanne said…
I punched in probably half a dozen addresses and only one house had a photo (our old house). Our new one isn't on it....yet, thank heavens! That is a little too creepy for me!!

But I do want to check out Disneyland - thanks Madison!
~ Tina said…
I can get the satelite view, but not the street view - I could get it if we were in the Spokane, WA area, but apparently they don't have it done yet for the Seattle area.

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