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Chelsea and Josh

Here are the two kids I met while waiting in line for four hours on Thursday to get tickets to see the Foxboro Hot Tubs in concert that night. The Foxboro Hot Tubs are essentially, Green Day, with my cousin, Billie Joe Armstrong, as the lead singer. Click here to read more about our adventures. Chelsea and Josh were so polite and gracious.
Here's the line we waited in all day. It was hot and muggy outside.
Here's the front of the line. I ended up getting two parking tickets for $15 each!
Here's the tour bus. Everyone was all excited when they pulled in at three in the afternoon.
Here are my guests, the night after the concert. They enjoyed the cool breeze and their strawberry shortcakes before leaving.
Here's what Chelsea wrote in our guest book. "Thank you so much for your hospitality!!! Y'all opened up your house for us and treated us as y'alls own. This trip wouldn't have been as nice as it was. You will always be in our memories and stories. Thank you again so much." --Chelsea and Josh


Julie V. said…
Kelly you have never met a stranger. You crack me up. I am glad you had a great time at the concert.
~ Tina said…
okay - that is just too fun! I like what she wrote about you being part of their lifetime story. BTW, I love your porch chairs!
You are pretty much the nicest person ever. I'm sure everyone else in line was a little jealous they were not closer to you!! Did you happen to slip a Book of Mormon into their bags as well?!!!
ninnies said…
they were so sweet, and such a sweet little couple. When I first saw them walk in the door, I thought that they were my age almost. =]
That was a sweet thing to write.
jennie w. said…
YOu have a guest book? Wow. That has never occurred to me. Mostly because we never have guests!

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