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My niece Jessica graduates from college

We took a quick road trip this weekend to attend my niece's graduation from a small university in Weatherford, Oklahoma, that seemed like a high school stadium, the perfect down-home campus for Jessica, who is now officially an elementary school teacher. Congratulations Jessica! We're proud of you.

Here's my sister, Tracy, Lindsey, my mom, and Aunt Joanna. As you can see, it was quite windy, which helped cut down on the heat. There were a few tornadoes in Oklahoma over the weekend, but fortunately not where we were.
Here's my dad, Jessica's boyfriend, Dustin, her sister, Aubrey, and her dad, Jimmy.

Check out their ferocious mascot, an 18-inch high bulldog! The bulldog sat obediently by a handler almost the entire ceremony, out in the middle of the football field.

Here's where the ceremony of the entire graduating class of Southwestern Oklahoma State University took place, with graduates from each college on campus, starting at 10 am and ending just past noon. Jimmy estimated that we sat through about 700 names being read. We drove to Tracy and Jimmy's house for a small gathering afterwards for hamburgers, hot dogs, bratwurst, chips, sodas, and a delicious cake. Kelly took a ton of pictures, which I'll add later. But for now, here's what came from my camera. What a nice weekend and made it home safely last night.


Summer Adams said…
Graduating college is a HUGE accomplishment and a HUGE sacrifice to go. Congrats to her! I'm so lucky Josh graduated. I only have some college done and I really want to finish. I'm glad so many young people are getting their education these days. She'll never regret it :) And Kelly, you are such a cute aunt for going and supporting. You really ARE there for all your family members. You're a good person and extremely supportive and loving of others. I love that about you.
Madison said…
Good job to Jessica! It's so great that she's all grown up and graduated. I remember playing toy horses together and riding bikes when we were kids... Wow. This makes me excited to graduate college myself! Of course, that won't be for quite a while, but I'll get there eventually, after the mission. I want you to know that I look up to you so much for serving a mission! You're a great role model for me.
looks like a beautiful day!! graduating is the best. walking across the stage to accept your diploma is one of my favorite memories. glad you were there to experience and share it with your niece.
~Family Life said…
Looks fun! We missed you Sunday. :)
Lonna said…
How exciting to be there for such a huge event of her life. I love that you and Kelly both brought your cameras.

You know that it had to be windy, just because it was an outdoor ceremony. I am glad that you were safe from the tornado problems, and that you made it home alright.

welcome back.
Julie V. said…
Yea Jessica! I am so proud of my darling niece. It's fun to see the pictures of the family. That is so great you guys drove up for the day to support Jessica.
Maryanne said…
I can't believe it! Jessica was a BABY when we moved to Oklahoma (wasn't that just last year?!) I think I'm old. How fun that you all could go to her graduation.

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