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I feel like a murderer

I picked Lindsey up from camp today and she had a great week, but came home to horror. She walked into her bedroom and came down stairs crying. I killed one of her parakeets (Kiwi) by neglect and starvation. I feel so horrible, I can't even tell you. It's the second time I've done this. Last year when she was at EFY, I did it too. I promised her that the next time she goes out of town, I will take better care of her sweet little birds. I'm such a bad mom. At least regarding my kids' pets. I'm so sorry, Lindsey.

Edited to add: On a more positive note, I made Lindsey laugh tonight when referencing the incident. We recently saw the movie Dan in Real Life with Steve Carroll (loved it), and our favorite line from the movie was by his young teen-aged daughter who thought her dad was interfering with her relationship with her boyfriend. In a drama queen moment of rage to her widowed father, who thought she was rushing things with her boyfriend, she exclaimed, "You're a murderer of love!" We all loved that line from the movie.

So after Lindsey took a nap today, she and Christopher and I were sitting around trying to catch up on the week's events and Christopher mentioned something to me about killing the bird, and I exclaimed, "I'm a murderer of DOVE." And we all started cracking up and Lindsey felt better. We'll go bird shopping tonight or tomorrow to replace Kiwi (her green bird) so Orlando (her blue bird) won't be lonely.


Julie V. said…
May I offer a bird watching solution? Leave the birds and cage on your bathroom counter so you can see them everyday and put a note on the cage that says, "please feed me daily or I will die". I think this will work. The "murderer of love" is a fantastic line. I loved that part of the movie.
Kelly said…
Trust me, Julie, I will do that the next time Lindsey goes away for a few days and leaves me in charge of the birds. I kept an eye on them, sort of, but didn't really pay attention to their food, obviously. I thought that she only fed them every once in a while because to me, it seems like the food tray and water never appeared empty. Maybe it's because she kept it that way. Duh! It's been a really long, awful day. I have felt so bad and guilty.
jennie w. said…
Remind me not to let you babysit my kids :-)
Kelly said…
Oh, I'm good with feeding people! Do any of us look like we're starving? It is the pet thing that I am awful at. I would be worried about having me care for your pets, but I could fatten up your children just fine.
Happy The Man said…
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Láthspell said…
I'm sure you remember when my mom ran over our cat? Don't worry, you're not the only one that kills the family pets. Huh. That makes you and my mom both. I wonder if it runs in the family. >_<
ninnies said…
Hey mom.
I forgive you for killing Wiggles and Kiwi. I really miss them a lot, but I never thought to tell you to feed them and renew their water. Thank you for being so good about waking them up and putting them to bed every day. And I trust you next time I have to leave that you will put new food in every day for them.

and...if any other people laugh their heads off at this post, please don't comment about it. It made me really emotional that someone would laugh at something like that. So if you all could refrain from putting comments like that, it would be nice. Thank you.
Lonna said…
Oh what a sad thing. I was never really good in the pet department myself. My mom had some killer Asthma and so we didn't have pets, but some how I convinced her that I would be a good candidate for fish...they ate each other.

I am sorry for your loss Lindsay. I am glad that you willing to give it another try.
Kelly and Linsdey,

The only part I laughed at was the murderere of dove. Very clever.

However, I'm sad for poor Kiwi and for your loss. Sometimes it always hurts the people more who are left behind. But you are very sweet to forgive your mom so easily. What a good daughter you are. I can't wait to see pictures of the new bird.
ninnies said…
okay..about my comment earlier....I'm sorry. It caught me at a bad time, and i've calmed down and i realize that you weren't laughing at the death of Kiwi but at other things and when i re-read your post i laughed too. I felt like a jerk after re-reading my post so i just wanted to say i'm sorry.

And thank you everyone I really appreciate your concern and love. =]
my two new birds are extremely cute, but they haven't quite become friends with Orlando yet. I think he misses Kiwi the most. But I'm sure they'll all be the best of friends soon enough.

Thanks everyone and hope you have a good day!

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