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Lindsey at military ball

They had a blast. Lindsey danced so much that her feet were numb the next day from her high heeled shoes. And since I'm pretty sure she's not reading my blog these days, I'll be frank. I think Sam is really a nice kid, but I just wish some other guys would ask Lindsey out so she could have a variety of young men to date. At least he graduates in May. He's only interested in colleges around here so he can be near Lindsey. I'm crossing my fingers that he'll go to college in Alaska or Vermont--not that he's applied there, because he's totally infatuated with her and needs to get over it. Nobody will ever be good enough for her in my opinion. He's like a puppy dog when he's around her, just totally smitten. He's never had a girlfriend or dated anyone else really, so he thinks Lindsey is the answer to life, the universe, and everything. I'm just warning you friends of mine with daughters who haven't started to date yet, that it's really no fun being in this situation. At least he's decent and shares her values and is a nice kid--and I chose that word for a reason, even though he'll be 18 next month. He's just kind of goofy and immature. It could be worse, so I'm not completely freaked out. Kelly and I just want about five different {amazing} young men to ask her out on dates and show some interest in her, so she can date around a bit. She does like Sam and has been going out with him since about May. That's forever in high school. So because a lot of the boys see her with him, they don't ask. I have convinced her to ask one other kid to the "Mormon Prom," even though it's not girls' choice. Wish us luck. And if she reads this post, I'll know that she's paying attention to my blog, but I doubt it.


Lonna said…
Oh I do love her dress, she looks so great. I don't think that you are going to have to sweat too much over this boy, Lindsay is a super smart girl and I think that she will know when to call it quits or what to do. What a sweet mom you are to take such good care of her.
She is so beautiful!
I can imagine how you feel. But I agree with Lonna, Lindsey is smart. Hopefully she will encourage Sam to choose a college based on what's right for him, not on where she's at. After all, after next year, she may not even be in Texas.
I didn't date AT ALL in high school. There's plenty of time for her in college to meet other guys.
That being said, I do think serious dating in high school is silly, because it almost never lasts forever, and it can prevent other good experiences with other people, so I'm totally with you on that.
Ah, it is hard to be a parent.
jennie w. said…
Gee, Kelly, what do you really think? I'm glad you're honest.
She looks beautiful, no wonder he likes her!
ninnies said…
haha you've been caught
I read your blog in Net/Web Design frequently. And I understand how you feel...but you know, I will date around if I get asked. I never decline unless I have previous plans and then If I do, I try and plan another time.
And thank you Sis. B. and Sis. T. =]
I have definately been encouraging him to go to a good school for HIM and it just so happens that that is in Texas. Not because o me mom. And every stake dance I tell him to ask other girls to dance...etc. I want him to get around too.
I know you just care about me and are scared. But please don't make this any harder on me than it already is. I still love you though, don't worry. And yes, thank you for taking such good care of me mom.
-Love, Lindsey-
ninnies said…
aww thanks Sis. W. =]
BurtonFam said…
She looks absolutely gorgeous! I love the dress, the hair, everything :) I don't think very many boys mature until the go on a mission and even then they still have some learning to do. Lindsey is a very mature and smart girl (as you already know) so I am sure she can handle it :) If you wouldn't mind sending her to Utah, I have a very nice and mature cousin she could date :)
Callisto said…
I'll second the BurtonFam statement about missions: boys aren't really worth it until they get back. And kudos to Lindsey for being mature and not taking your concerns the wrong way. I know one other teenage girl who might not be so indulgent if the same was said about her beau... ;)
I put my mom through the same agony in high the same guy half my junior and all of my senior year. Sorry mom! Lindsey's a smart girl so I'm sure she'll keep a good head on her shoulders. And that's such a gorgeous dress! Nice pick.
Julie V. said…
Lindsey looks so pretty. I love her dress. And what a corsage! :0
Don't worry about the kid. She will have some dashing prince charming come along and sweep her away in due time.
Sierra said…
How fun! What a pretty dress! I can't think about that stuff right now, I have no idea what I'm going to do when my girls are that age...And thanks for the birthday card, that was so thoughtful of you.
Ha, ha! Busted, Kelly! :-)
ok she seriously looks gorgesous. amazing in fact. At least Lindsey has found someone who treats her well and who she enjoys being with. And since I know Lindsey reads the blog and the comments, I won't say what I really feel!! Totally joking Lindsey!! You are great.
valerie said…
Hi Kelly. As long as Lindsey's friend treats her like a lady, respects her and also has fun with her then I wouldn't worry. She is a great daughter so respect her choice. I am glad we have two boys!!

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