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Popeye Smoothies

My sister kept telling me about these smoothies that she's been whipping up, and they honestly sounded disgusting and I could not bring myself to making it. Then Lindsey visited her in Utah a few weeks ago, and was a guinea pig for the concoction and she loved it! Three times, in the past three days, we have now made the Popeye Smoothies, as I've renamed them. Julie refers to her chilly beverage as an elixir, which suits her Wicked passion. Christopher and I photographed the recipe to show everyone, and if you're brave, try for yourself. Step 1: add 4 ounces of white grape juice concentrate and 4 ounces of water to the blender
Step 2: add 2 (heaping) cups ice cubes
Step 3: add 2 (heaping) cups fresh baby spinch leaves
Step 4: add 1 stick butter (just kidding, that WOULD be gross) it's a pineapple wedge
Step 5: add one (ping-pong ball sized) lime--the seeds, imperfect looking peeling, pith, pulp, and all
Step 6: put the lid on tightly and blend until smooth. It makes about 24 ounces, serve immediately. It's surprisingly refreshing, very green, but doesn't taste a thing like spinach! It's really sweet too. Maybe even too sweet. I would possibly balance out the amount of white grape juice and water ratio to adjust that slightly.


Julie V said…
Hey there, I like the Popeye Smoothie name! However, I do not add water. I add lots of ice and only 1/4 of a lime wedge. I add one cup of pineapple, core and all. Like a 1 1/4 inch slice of a pineapple that has the peel cut off.
I love our "gree elixer" as we call it. Tweek it to your liking. Lynette uses a half can of white grape juice, I use a third of a can. Wea re addicted.
Amanda said…
Joseph once added spinach to a smoothie on our first date to see how I would react. It sounds like a good way to add something healthy to your diet (even though I thought he was crazy at the time). Maybe I'll try it with the butter... :)
Lonna said…
That looks like something that I saw on Oprah one time. But I think that hers had ginger, cucumbers, and a few other random things in it as well. But I will say that I love the rich color of it, and the name is great. Cheers to you.
Lisa said…
Hmm..I'm ok with the spinach part, it's the peel and the seeds of the lime that have me wondering! But if you say it's good, I'm willing to give it a try. It sure is pretty!
Debbie said…
Funny, Liz was just telling me about spinach smoothies and they sounded gross to me too, but she said her kids love them. I think she called them "Monster Smoothies" though. Guess I'll have to try them!
I'm a total life fan. Not sure how I would feel about the entire lime. next time you make this, give me a call. I'll run over for a little taste test!
Kelly said…
Julie didn't really read my recipe carefully when she made the lime comment, and a whole lime in the mix startled her. The tiny limes that I have are so little, that it's equivalent to about 1/4 of a larger lime.
Bobbi said…
This does sound awful but I will trust you and make it. I love eating healthy foods that taste good.
~ Tina said…
hey - that actually sounds good. and... your blog page design is really nice!

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