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Kelly's special request

Kelly ordered some books that were shipped from the United Kingdom for his team of engineers and it was rather expensive (more than $500) to get a dozen of these technical textbooks. Luckily, the company reimbursed him. He has a meeting scheduled (right now) and asked me if I could make a little card and put a bow on them before he gave one to everyone. He's never asked me to do anything like that, so I was actually excited that he did. Here's what I came up with. I asked him if he would mind if I also made cupcakes for their meeting, and he was happy about that, so I whipped up a dozen moist chocolate ones with cream cheese frosting and festive sprinkles.
I opened up the books and have no idea how anyone could make it through the first page, let alone the whole book. It's all GREEK to me. Let's hope that at least some of the engineers might be happy to see his or her name on the little card, handmade for them. One guy was going out of town and demanded a copy of the book when he found out Kelly had ordered them. Kelly told him that he wanted to wait to present the books at the meeting, and put a little bow on them. The guy said "just give me the *%$@ book." Hopefully the rest of them are slightly more appreciative.
It will be interesting to talk to Kelly when he gets home to let me know how they liked the special touch I added, rather than if he would have just shown up with the brown shipping box with bubble wrap, and passed out a boring book to each of them. I'll keep you posted in the comments when I find out how they were received.


You mean it's all GEEK to you!!! Jk. Way to go. I don't know why anyone wouldn't appreciate a handmade card and a cupcake!
Lonna said…
I think that is really great that Kelly wanted you to make them special, and of course you always go the extra mile. They look so great.

I would be so shocked if James ever asked me to do something like that. It is just one of those things that he never thinks about. I thought that maybe it was a male thing, but Kelly just proved me wrong.
Kelly said…
Paige, good one! I should have said GEEK!

Everything was a big hit! Kelly said that one guy, Jon, came into his office just before he was leaving to come home and said, "Be sure to Kelly, the first thing when you get home, how awesome everything was." Wasn't that sweet?

The best thing was that the guy who was being a jerk about not wanting to wait for the book, presented with a bow, who went out of town, came back from his trip today and was wondering where his "special" book was, and Kelly quoted what he said, and the knew he had made a mistake. He wanted the fluff after all. Ha ha ha! It was so funny and made it all worth it. He was really bummed that he didn't have one with his name printed on it! I'm not usually one for gloating, but I pretty much enjoyed hearing that story.

Kelly said that a few of the people didn't want to untie their ribbon and kept it all intact so they could keep admiring it. Made me feel good. They all loved the cupcakes too.

Kelly was thankful and it really brightened my day. Lonna, I was shocked he asked me too!
hey! thanks for the comments! definitely add mine, i'll add yours as well. its so fun having so many people who are keeping up with us and the baby down there! we are so excited!
Kelly these are SO AWESOME! I know I would have LOVED to get one of these from my boss ;)
Kelly said…
So who said're both engineers? Dustin or Jen?
It is Jen.....I did show them to Dustin and he agreed they were "cool".........
Happy The Man said…
Personally, a cupcake says a lot more to me than a bow and a card with my name on it. Of course, 2 cupcakes doubles the sentiment, and so on :)

The woman's touch is nice (and brown was a good business color schema choice)... But the real points were scored with the brown cupcakes! Just giving you a man's opinion.
Bobbi said…
So clever and creative. Good job!

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