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Clobbered by a 7-year-old

Here's my black eye after one week (the last pic). It looked awful a day or two afterwards. In case you missed the story, here's what happened. We were in Colorado on the lake at Kelly's parents' house and Aly asked me if I would ride on the tube behind the boat with her. I usually stick to skiing, which is MUCH safer, but I didn't want to disappoint my cute little niece, so I agreed. Kelly was driving the boat like a maniac (he was, don't listen to him if he tries to deny it), and the two of us (Aly and I) went flying off and her foot pounded my eye so hard that it immediately bulged out and was swollen for a few days and has since turned various shades of purple, yellow, and blue. I had a really sore neck too. Anyway, it's been embarrassing and awkward the last two weeks walking around with a black eye, getting strange looks from people, wondering what the heck happened to me. It's almost all the way gone, luckily.


Heidi said…
That looks so painful! Tubing sure is pretty dangerous huh?
Oh man! You wear it well :) It doesn't cover up the fact that you're beautiful! I haven't seen you in awhile but I'm reminded by these pictures of how pretty you are!
Lonna said…
those maniac boat drivers will get you every time. You make me laugh, did anyone just stop and ask you what happened? When Harry had his cast random people everywhere would just tap me on the shoulder and ask what happened to him. I don't know if they were thinking that we beat him or something, but I thought it was funny that we were asked so much.

I am glad to see that you are healing up, and soon you will have nothing but these pictures and the distant memory to remind you of it. I think that I just might stick to skiing if it were me.
Kelly said…
I agree, Lonna! Yes, Heid, tubing is owie! And thank you Jillian!

This is the first black eye I've ever had, so I took several pictures. Hopefully it will be my last! The first one was one day later, the second was was about 3 or 4 days later, then the last one was one week later. It's now been two weeks and I just have a little more purple left below my eye.

The bummer is that my bone above my eye is really sore and tender still and when I wash my face I have to be really careful around that eye. I'm still blown away that my little niece's foot could have so much force while we were flying through the air to crash and burn from the tube.
Bobbi said…
You look like quite the bruiser there! Tubing scares me. My family does it but I won't. I just watch and cringe and beg Sherm to drive slower! I'm glad you are healing up.

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