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Apron making extravaganza

UPDATE:  My order did not ship from Joann's online on time, so I canceled it.  My sister, Julie, took her iPad with her to a nearby Joann's store, compared the photos from my blog, and bought the fabrics for me.  I told her to get the bottom two combos that I love, and asked her to pick a new trio to replace the above photo since the mocha print didn't quite match after I enlarged the swatch.  I can't wait to see what she chose.  Thanks for saving the day, Julie.

Each month, I plan our ward's monthly Relief Society activities, and making aprons was the second most popular topic on our recent survey. I shopped for fabric online from Joann's for our April 30 event, seizing the opportunity of someone dear to me arriving from the States soon.  I wish I had enlarged these fabric swatches before I ordered them because the Koren mocha print looks less aqua now and more sky blue, so I might need a replacement to tie it all together.
Shopping for fabric here in Taiwan has proven to be a big ordeal, so I'm glad I could do it this way. Lindsey gets to lug all the things I've ordered online when she'll be arriving in Taiwan next week. As you can see, I like these colors so much that I designed a new blog header using these fabric swatches!
This will be my first time to teach others how to sew and I'm a bit nervous about it, wondering how it will work out logistically.  I'll give them three choices for the above trios of fabrics and hope that they will benefit from the event.


Robert Choate said…
Good luck with your activity. My home ec teacher told me that I was the worst student she had ever had for sewing. It is not a skill I have. I think that will be a requirement I put down for the next Sister Choate.
Kellie said…
How did the last RS activity turn out? Sisters only?

Sewing in groups is challenging, but if you are as organized as you are with card camp, that will help. My mom teaches home ec (actually Family Home & Consumer Science these days) and says with sewing, no matter how organized or prepared you are, there will always be chaos. So expect some craziness and go with it... I hope you have a few other sisters in the ward who know how to sew who can come and help you. Good luck.
Julie said…
Kelly, There's a sister in our branch here in china who makes reversible aprons and nursing cover-ups, with fabrics very similar to what you are using-I'm pretty sure she buys the fabric here--probably for much less than you paid for yours. (the fabric you bought at Joann's was made over here.) I'm sure there is somewhere to get it in Taiwan! Next time you need something like that, call Carrie--she is an amazing resource, as is her hubby. (he sources craft products, and always knows where stuff is to be found!) btw, I am coming to Taipei sometime this month-we HAVE to get together! I'll let you know when!
Kelly said…
Kellie, thanks for the warning about it being a bit crazy. I'm planning to enlist a lot of help. And our recent activity was awesome, a great turnout of women!

Julie, Taipei is where I bought the fabric for our baby quilts project we did in November and it was definitely a different kind of shopping experience for me. I've asked around about places to find fabric here in Hsinchu, but have yet to find one, although a few friends have told me there are some places. Online ordering is so much easier. :D As far as the fabric being made in China, I actually looked at the origin of each one. One was made in Korea, one in China, and the rest were USA. I really should try to hook up with Carrie more! I am really eager to see you when you come to Taiwan! My home phone number here is 03-520-5616. Call me!

Robert, good luck finding your future Mrs. Choate.
Julie said…
Those fabrics are really cute, I love home made aprons and especially if they have vivid fabrics. I can't imagine trying to teach that to a bunch of women who speak chinese. Good luck sis!
Julie said…
Your blog looks really cute, by the way. How did you make that header?
~ Tina said…
okay - those will be so fun! love the fabric combinations!
You truly have a calling, and not just because of your "calling"... know what I mean?
Dianne said…
What a great eye for color, great choices! And very cute header. Hope you have some assistance on this large feat, they will be darling.
Counting down the days for our college kids to be home ;)
Kelly said…
Hey sis, I used picnik dot com for the photo editing, which is what I made the header with. It allows me to make a collage of the photos I choose, then you can add text and other fun effects. I have also been using picnik for some of my photos.
Casa de Mask said…
How fun...can't wait to see pics from the sewing event. Way cute blog design!
Lisa said…
I love the fabric you chose! You have such a knack for matching patterns and color. PS - I love love love the new background for your blog! So springish and the font is adorable! Miss you Kelly!

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