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Nine months

It took nine months for this little guy to grow inside my tummy, and today he is nine months old!  Happy nine months, my sweet Isaac.  (I actually wrote this on December 19, when he was 9 months old, but didn't publish it until today.) Please bear with me as I write a note for my son to read some day when he's old enough to know what I'm saying. These pictures were taken at the doctor office for his well baby check up.
Every day is brighter because you are in it.  Daddy and I simply adore you, and so do your sisters and brother.  Actually, everyone who is around you is captured by your cute-as-can-be smile and endearing disposition.  You are starting to crawl really well, and you're working on standing up by pulling yourself up to the edge of something or someone.  You love moving your hands around, both of them are always twisting in little circles, and you often clap, clap, clap them together.  In addition to nursing three or four times a day, you love food.  In the mornings, I feed you some baby oatmeal with banana for breakfast usually, then at lunch time and dinner time, you eat about four ounces of baby food.  You're starting to hold your cup of water and get a drink by yourself pretty well, but you usually choke a bit because you try to drink too much at once.

You are very sensitive to abrupt sounds. Even the slightest sounds startle you and you burst into tears, like if you bump into a boingy door stop, or hear the garbage disposal, hair dryer, or vacuum cleaner.  Luckily, you are easily comforted by hugs from your mommy or daddy.

You've never been sick other than a brief cough that was from post nasal drainage, thankfully.  You are a really great sleeper and go to bed at about 6 or 7 each night and sleep for about 11 or 12 hours.  It took some effort and listening to advice from many others to get your naptime routine down well, but you do fantastic when we follow a specific routine.  I first sing "I am a Child of God" to clue you in that it's time to go to sleep, then I put you in your darkened room with the blinds closed, and then let you push the buttons on your nightlight that play a lullaby and make a moving pattern on the ceiling with fun animals.  I then put you into your crib and give you your little fuzzy lovie, which is a mini blanket that is furry, soft, and comforting to you, and a also give you your binky and floppy eared bunny.  You are so thrilled when I put you into your crib and you get all those treasures and without a peep, you go right to sleep.

We are beyond thankful to have you in our lives, Isaac.  You are truly a gift from God.
Love forever, Mommy


Mom in training said…
How amazing that he is 9 months old already! What a sweetheart. I am glad he loves to take naps now. Such a good sleeper he is.

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