Wednesday, January 29, 2014

First time singing bed time song

Oh my goodness. He just melted my heart. Every time before I put Isaac down for a nap, I sing "I Am a Child of God" and then put him in the crib. Today I asked if he wanted to sing with me and he said, "sing!" So I took the binky out of his mouth as we stood next to his crib, and he practically sang the entire song with me! I had a hard time singing and not crying because it was so incredibly sweet! He has been listening and learning. Sometimes he applauds at the end of the song. He is such a joy to have in my life. 
This was taken outside a Subway sandwich shop near Kelly's work, where we often meet him during lunch on Mondays since Kelly goes directly to Chinese class each Monday after work. Isaac is usually in bed by the time Kelly gets home, so this gives them a chance to see each other a bit during the day. He still goes down so well for his nap without crying and sleeps for about two hours every afternoon. He's such a good baby. 

A few days ago, I was downstairs and heard a loud thud during nap time and then a crying, frightened Isaac. He took a nosedive out of his crib since he has been into climbing a lot. He fell out of his bed about a year ago and hadn't done it since then until Saturday. Hopefully he will remember that it hurts to crash down into the floor and not keep doing it. 


Jennifer said...

What a sweet experience, Kelly! He is growing up so precious!

Kelly said...

Thanks, Jennifer! He is doing great. Hey, I just tried to see what is happening in your world and looks like your blog is now for invited readers only. I hope all is well!